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Thoughts on late stages MTT hand

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  • Thoughts on late stages MTT hand

    This was from a 1.10 NL MTT last night. We're down to 47 players from an original 1380. I have built a good TAG image for myself at this table. The raiser in this pot has been putting pressure on the blinds which they should be given their stack. I have noticed a wide opening range for this player. I have also shown a willingness to shove (QQ was seen by everyone here about 20 hands prior). My thought process here was that I wanted to make sure I double this hand up and also disguise my play a little as well. My feeling is that if I shoved here preflop, he is likely going to call given his chip stack and his hand. I guess my question is this. Yes I have about 13 or so BB and normally this would dictate raise or fold mode. But was I completely wrong with playing this hand the way I did?

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    **moved to more appropriate forum JWK24**

    I'm going to jam this preflop. If for some reason I did see the flop, I need to lead it.

    John (JWK24)

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      Fist-pump jam pre imo. I don't like flatting pre here because 1) you're giving his entire range a free shot at busting you, and 2) it leaves a bit of an awkward stack for post flop play.

      As played I like check-shoving better than leading otf, we can get a c-bet out of his air this way.
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        the hand replayer is blank for me for some reason.


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          I can definitely see why you both would say pre-flop jam. I had done the same with QQ about 20 hands earlier. I guess this brings up a question though. Say that I shove, I would expect a call from this hand given stack sizes. Would you have called the shove if I were to come back over the top given stack sizes?


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            That's odd Steve. Anyway since that's the case. I had KK in the BB, blinds at 1200/2400. I have 34K, button has 215K.

            Button does min raise with what ends up being Ac6s. I call for some deception. Flop comes 765 with two diamonds. I check, raiser puts in 5500, I come over the top for last 29K, they call. Hit an ace on turn.


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              yea horrid river for you,tbh im never limping there with 13bb, but i would rather jam, 13bb is a good shoving size, i dont mind him calling 11bb with A6, as the saying goes "you got em in good" and there is also the slight chance he folds and you pick an extra 2 1/2 bb .
              but a jam pre all day for me.


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                IMO stop and go looks like a good thing to do, given the background.

                As Villain would call your preflop shove - esp because not too many hands are so behind that he has to definitely fold. If he misses the flop, the fold equity would go up for him. I like this play, given you were going to shove on flop regardless of what came up.


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                  Well Kumar, I had what I felt was a good read on this player. He had been raising often given his stack and rightfully so. I felt like he at least had an ace. If an ace came on the flop, I would have had to decide if he really had an ace or not. I mean I definitely see the merits of shoving here. Truth be told though, I am really not too disappointed with how I played this hand. Given I was trying to do some deception, which I did and as anti said in their post, I got em in good. End of the day that's all I can really do.



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