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Did I Play This Right? - 2NL Fullring Cash Game

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  • Did I Play This Right? - 2NL Fullring Cash Game

    I really don’t know whether I played this hand right. I feel I should have folded the tern. Stats: 57/33 over 21 hands

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    I would deffo 3bet preflop and bet the flop.

    By calling you let hands like Kx, Qx and small-A hands to see flop and you are basically inviting the BB the see the flop as well and you dont want to play JJ 3handed imo. And you will be OOP the rest of the hand, with a hand that is very vonurable

    As play, I like the check on the flop to let him bet his hand as he is the aggressor.
    I don't mind calling turn and river for those small amounts. He could well be bluffing of betting a small pair.


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      First off, I know that a lot of people would say to re-raise things like tens or jacks in the face of a raise. Especially at 2NL.

      I just went from 2NL to 5NL. One thing I have found is that it helps with pot control and also keeping people off balance is to simply flat call a raise with hands like JJ preflop.

      While there are situations that warrant a re-raise for sure, if I have no real data on my opponent, I don't mind flatting here and seeing what happens on the flop.

      As played I think you need to bet the flop. It's a spot where you are either way ahead, or way behind.
      I know one of school of thought is to let the aggressor c-bet which is fine IF he does so. If not and then an ace comes, well what do you do?

      There is more than one way to play JJ, it just depends on who you are playing and the situation.


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        Personally I'd 3bet preflop there. Since the villain is basically in the button he could just be trying to pick up the blinds and could be raising with all kinds of hands, also if he calls you keep the initiative and could take it down with a cbet. The flop hits more the villains range rather than ours so by cbetting the flop we are basically representing big cards, overpairs and maybe the flush draw. The Ace on the turn hits our range more than his so if he calls we could also take it down on the turn.

        Then again like MRSWAT said there's more than one way to play that hand; it'll depend on the villain, the situation and the way you feel comfortable playing that hand OOP.



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