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JJ on the small blind - please review this hand

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  • JJ on the small blind - please review this hand

    Played on a open school league' was very early in the tournament so i do not have infromation about the villian playing style

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    In a regular MTT/SNG this is simply a bad beat. Nothing more or less to be said.

    In a skill league tho, the premium on survival can be so strong I'd actually suggest possibly mucking JJ oop to a raise versus this many opponents. JJ in these events plays a lot more like 77 than KK/QQ because you WILL see a ton of overs on the flop when you do not flop a set (about 57/58% of the time at least 1 over), and it really is not a great idea to leak ladder climbing chips on set mining shots.

    If you cannot muck JJ and look yourself in mirror, then perhaps think of a re-raise to perhaps make your hand play better? I would think AA/KK is a re-raise (perhaps even all in) in the first week of the month, but if your score is uber high later on, that might become only reasonable with AA. If you even EXPECT to have a high score by end month, say one that will give you a decent but not top notch cash prize, then JJ probably is too risky to RR early in my opinion.

    Since you DID limp JJ, and flopped top set, on this board texture, with this many opponents, I would certainly say check, not lead. You really do not want to get bet out of the pot on top set if you can avoid it, but if you get put all in, the league pretty much argues for you to give up top set with this many in the hand. I'd be prepared to call small, thus treat my hand like a draw to a boat.

    Keep in mind, all this is wierd except in a cumulative point league, but sometimes you do wierd things because the game calls for it.
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