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K9 Offsuit in the Big Blind - 10NL ZOOM Hand - Any Advice?

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  • K9 Offsuit in the Big Blind - 10NL ZOOM Hand - Any Advice?

    I know i should had folded but a lot of players make abuse of the button to steal so i tought my hand might dominate sometimes. After the flop my read was that he might be on a draw or an overpair.

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    You did everything right. But Note would be great, how these villain acts when hit set and then full house.


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      Random Cold Deck

      This was nothing more than a cold deck, except ...

      I probably would not have bet on the turn or the river without hitting a boat. trips on this board leaves you open to too many hands that have you dominated A-9 or drawing dead 9-10, 9-3, 10-10 etc.

      The likelihood is he would have bet on the turn regardless, but then your decision is to call his bet after a suspicious flop call. If he goes all-in on the turn, after you check, you likely call off anyway (cooler part), but if he jams you shouldn't be surprised to be shown a boat on a paired board.


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        Hey net.

        Do you use a hud? It would be good to know what percentage of hands villain is opening on the button, this helps determine what hands you can profitably flat call versus them in the big blind. Also you should buy in for 100bb always, as if think you have an edge on the players at your stakes you want to maximise your wins versus the weaker players.

        As played you should raise bigger on the flop. Maybe .31 to .93 or something like that. Charge villain for any draws they cbet, as they won't fold a flush draw for more money on the flop, so why not charge them while behind and not allow them to draw to a better hand for cheap? You're hand is very strong in this situation, but also vulnerable.

        If you bet a bit bigger at any point before the river, you allow yourself to shove for value, as the flop was draw heavy and when the board bricks villain can bluff catch with overpairs or 10x etc thinking you missed your draw. Then you don't get into this weird spot on the river, but as played it's probably a fold even for the price you're getting.

        Min raises on the river at micro stakes are never bluffs, so villain needs to be value raising some worse hands to make this a profitable call. I think because worse 9x either raise the flop/turn or never, there are no worse hands that villain should play this way.

        You read them for an overpair or draw. Do you think villain bluff min raises the river with a missed draw or overpair?
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