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Skill levels at different stakes

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  • Skill levels at different stakes

    Hey guys, So I'm doing a bankroll building challenge for myself that I'm documenting on my blog, on this site. Im currently grinding 10NL as my regular stakes and taking shots at 16NL now and then. I find that the two stakes are almost identical in terms of skill level. So I wondering about 25NL, how big is the skill gap between 10NL regs and 25NL regs? If I'm beating 10NL for 5bbs/100, there is a good chance I can be profitable at 25NL? I find that the most profitable players at 10NL are mostly kinda….nitty(correct me if I'm wrong) I have been messing around with my play style to see what is most profitable. I was playing very Laggy before, and it was profitable, but lots of swings as you might expect. So the last little while I been trying to play TAG, but i find myself actually playing Loose and passive mostly……and its working. I mean its a small sample size, but things have been super consistent. I open a lot of hands cause I feel that i have a post flop edge, and people are not 3betting enough pre flop so i can get away with it. Also i end up just flatting a lot of hands that you could 3bet, but i opt to flat as to get in post flop situations with the recreational players and because villains fold to 3bets a lot at these stakes, so i don't want to waste good hands by 3betting them. I have been delayed Cbetting a whole bunch, and found it very profitable. As a lot of the recreational players will never believe you to have anything once you check the flop. I end up getting a lot of value on the turn and river with my top pair no kicker type hands. Against some players on some board you can even go for a thin value raise on the river with top pair no kicker when the villains bet into you, and they will call with second pair or worse. But of course you should have reads before you try that. Well I ended up rambling :P. But hopefully this will spark some conversation umbup: GL at the tables Silken218

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    Hi Silken,

    I think you will see some differences first at 25NL, as that is truly above micro-stakes. I'm not sure about what kind of transition there is between 10 and 16nl, but as you said (and what I've heard from others), not much difference. If you are beating 10NL solidly then I think you have a good chance for success at 25NL but it may not be immediate or with the same win rate.

    50NL is, in my experiences, where you start to see some more significant differences. And obviously it gets tougher the higher you go. There will always be fish, and the fish are always fish at any level, but the big differences moving up are:

    -The strong players get stronger, more sophisticated
    -The fish get fewer and farther between.

    Also, notice I said strong players and not "regs". There are a lot of "regs" that aren't very good. They're better than the pure fish and they know the "standard" lines, but many are break even or losing players in the long run and don't really think too deeply about the game, despite playing a lot.
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      Coolio, Thanks Dave



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