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Um What? - 200bb deep vs. Cold 4 - 50NL Cash Game

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  • Um What? - 200bb deep vs. Cold 4 - 50NL Cash Game

    ummmmm, not sure if I played this hand correct but look what I got called by. What's going on here???? 4 tabling reg from Russia Cold 4B+: 8 (12 samples)

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    Looks like he has a read that your very bluff heavy and maybe he thinks on the flop you wouldn't raise an over pair and/or you dont have any sets in your 3b range pre. Which leaves you with a ton of flush draws that barrel the turn 100% and dont pair up the Q that often.

    Then you also might have 67 in your 3b range that he has blocked on the flop as you might 3b call with these deep stacks.

    If thats true about your range then maybe he should just rip it in on the flop your be folding a ton.


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      Hi dirt eh,

      How long did it take you to press the call button?

      What you have failed to show is the reason why you are making the call preflop. Is it because you think our hand is in advantage of villain's cold 4bets? Is it because of the pot odds and the money left behind? From looking at villain's stats, I really cannot make any good argument to call OOP with a hand that can be dominated more often than not. I might prefer playing live cards in this situation where we could actually know when we are ahead and when we are behind by maybe making two pair, straight, etc. Being OOP does not favor us even though we are getting like 27% on a call. Also this situation is so different than if we were BTN v Blinds. It's a cold 4bet, we will see a very polarized range here with very strong hands on one end and very weak hands on the other. And with little to no history I feel more comfortable treating these as strong hands (I can't imagine someone would just decide to 4bet out of the blue )

      Also, I'm not sure I like the flop raise too much tbh. It's a 4bet pot stacks are getting shallower and will we call a shove OTF? What will happen when they call and we don't improve OTT? I'm not sure.


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        Didn't take me long to call PF. stack are deep and this villain has a 4bet range of 9, cold 4bet+ of 8... I did leave out that the button opens 71% of hands on the button. I guess I should let you know that I have a 17% 3B range in the SB and I don't have a calling range vs. opponents that open the button more than 50%.

        I also didn't like my XR otf. I think XC otf would have been better with a X/Shove or X/call OTT. It was a weird hand...

        Villain called the XR pretty quickly OTF, but then TANK called OTT when I shoved. I thought I lost when the ACE hit but the villain mucked and the pot came my way.


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          Why would you lose on the A river he shouldn't have any Ax that calls a flop raise and turn jam.


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            Hand looks wp.

            If he calls with KK-AA OTT then he's not very good.


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              Originally posted by mike2198 View Post
              Why would you lose on the A river he shouldn't have any Ax that calls a flop raise and turn jam.
              Ace didn't' change anything but I thought I was behind when the villain called.



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