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Turning top pair into a bluff - 10NL ZOOM

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  • Turning top pair into a bluff - 10NL ZOOM

    Villain is a regular that I played tons with, 22/14 AF 2.9, SB open 50, f3b 75 from SB
    Flop cb 59 Turn cb 56
    WTSD 27

    try to ignore the title in the hand

    PF: am I better of 3betting? haven't looked at that huge positional open at the time.
    Turn: can I still call? As a reg will he barrel Arag here to give me equity with my Q kicker?(I thought about that just after I made the call thats why I decided to bluff)
    River: is the bluff legit? all his two pair/TP/sets/weak flushes have to fold atleast enough right?

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    Hi Praydk,

    Preflop: can really be played either way. I tend to 3B AQ in this spot because my general strategy vs. such a villain will be to 3b him pretty wide, so I am going to include more AQ type hands in that range for balance. Plus blind v blind our 3b tends to get called more by dominated hands like AJ and KQ.

    Flop: Good.

    Turn: Good. I would call for sure vs. this small sizing, as it can conceivably be a blocking bet with a single diamond, or a weaker ace or even Kx.

    River: I see no compelling reason to try and bluff, as we can simply show down and beat his non-flushes. You're targeting 2 pair+ but I don't track with it in this spot because A) players don't like to fold 2 pair+ in blind v blind pots, even on scary boards, and B) his turn sizing doesn't look very strong, I would expect 2 pair or sets to be betting closer to 2/3rds pot again, or more... so he probably doesn't hold a lot of these anyway. He's probably got a lot of non-flushes we beat anyway, and some number of flushes he won't fold.

    When targeting certain hand strengths in a bluff, it's important that:

    1) The villain has those hand strengths in their range, the more the better
    2) They can fold them.

    Both these factors are going to be reduced in this situation imo.
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