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5nl 6max Zoom - 34s SB vs BB

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  • 5nl 6max Zoom - 34s SB vs BB

    Hi guys, Could you please analyse my hand below. Was this play just spew? I don't know anything about the villain. I bet flop hoping to just take it down there and then (bluffing at this point since I pretty much don't have any showdown value), since the board is dry and also I didn't want to hand over the initiative. I guess I could have just treated it as a steal gone wrong, and just x/f if villain bets the flop. I bet the turn because I now have outs for a flush. Do you think I can bet the turn? The reason why I did this, is because someone said that you need to play your draws aggressively when OOP; so that's what I did. The flop might have been where I made the mistake. Maybe it should have been a x/f since I don't have a drawing hand, etc, I just wanted to take it down on the flop. Cheers, Matt umbup:
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    I normally bet flop IP not so sure OOP because you get floated a ton anyway so the whole point of betting is to fold out hands that might hit an over card.

    On the turn i would check some pairs and draw but this hand seems to weak maybe when we can just fold out a ton of his pairs now so i prefer betting again. When he min raises he can easily slow play some stuff on the flop but i do get abit suspicious with min raises.

    He can have KT and all sets possibly but the river narrows his value range so much im not sure what to do i don't like calling but i might be tempted to jam the river if i think he is monkeying around. I have no idea if jamming the river with 34s is good here so dont try it im just putting it out there in case some one wants to come in here and correct me. I would definitely take a note on his line and see if he does this alot BvB though.

    Other than that im not sure about opening 34s pre theres plenty of other hands i think play better and if villain has plenty of Ax pre our hand is gonna be pretty useless on a Ax board?

    Oh and if villain was min raising the turn with some sort of a draw i think the river is a bad card to bluff so if this is true and you knew he knew that it would be an easy fold but then again im not so sure because were going to be raising the turn and wanting to bomb the river so surely we should have some bluffs to.


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      I think playing this hand is ok, though I would have most likely checked the flop as we only have middle pair. If the villain bet the flop, then I might, on this occasion, have called one bet to see the turn and also more importantly, gain some information about the player. I don't think I like the bet on the turn in this instance (kind of spewy), and also, I would fold to a bet here as your draw is to anything but the nuts. Once on the river, it's an automatic fold to a bet (like you did).
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