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  • 50NL, KQs OOP

    I don't like how I played this hand. I was originally going to XR the flop but I think our hand is too strong here. The turn is an ACE so I thought that I could XR the turn in order to fold out all the villains bluffs plus this ace is a good card for the villain to double barrel. I sized my turn raise to something that I thought would give me some fold equity OTR if I missed. I hit the nuts and shove... After I saw what the villain was holding... I really like how I played this hand but overall I think I was a bit spewy OTT. Please comment on all streets and how you would play this hand vs. this villain type. I'll just say this... If there wasn't a J or club OTR, then this villain was folding to a river shove Thanks! LOOSE PASSIVE(116 hands): 27/23/1.5 PFR from MP is 20%

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    Hi don't play these stakes so just my gut feelings,

    I would aggressively x/r flop with equity and not actually have a made hand.

    Now on the turn, I feel after just calling flop on an earlier street, gets me into more trouble by x/r turn. I'm hurting now value owning myself.

    River bet, well I don't see a better hand, so what worse will call? A set 2 pair.

    Now I have to go and look back at the hand again and realise I'm talking rubbish.

    Ok the red J wasn't a diamond, thought I'd missed that. On the stats 27/23 I don't use a hud though thinking that is a good lag. Other HA posters will know more about this 6max pre flop.

    Post flop AF 1.5 I don't know if passive enough that it's a good spot to x/r flop as I suggested?
    Last edited by ForrestFive; Sat Jul 05, 2014, 07:54 AM. Reason: Had to re check the hand


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      Hi dirt eh,

      I'd prefer 3betting here in the SB unless we want to keep a weaker opponent in the BB. I think we might do better either when villain folds or calls and folds to cbets.
      As played, I think this board might be good for us to x/r. We can rep sets, two pair, and draws. But we don't expect villain to fold their overpairs, and FDs here. And when they cbet this kind of board they will have Tx+, sets, overpairs, FDs so we have to think two streets ahead and see how much of their continuation range we can target to fold. I'm not too happy with raising the turn by the way. With what frequency of hands would u raise this turn with? I mean most of ur Ax floats (if any, would probably just call) and your sets would more likely raise the flop also I think we should just shutdown unimproved OTR since when they call the turn raise they should be able to have more Ax with FD in their range than us and most underpairs now might find a fold.



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