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2nl deep vs good opponent

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  • 2nl deep vs good opponent

    Hey guys,

    I would like to know your opinions on this
    Opponent stats :
    - 29/26 (81)
    - solid player and despite stats seems TAG
    My notes on him :
    - 3b 0.24 btn KK vs loose-passive, slow plays set on flop/turn, pots river
    - with a flush board he is trying to bluff turn (cbets 1/2 pot flop and turn) right after that slowplay (only me and him involved)
    My thoughts on the hand is :
    - he is polarized when opening (SB is a loose passive guy) - he is either strong (AA, AK, KK, QQ) or 98s type of hands
    - the flop is not much of help - he can raise for value AK or thinly a JJ/QQ or complete air
    - his line is aggro, starting from the pre-flop raise 4x raise from the btn, whereas he usually 3x
    My plan is to raise for value the turn and fold to a re-re-raise (set's are my concern here but if he is just calling I still have outs (provided ofc he is not holding AA))
    Question is : was the check-raise here a mistake ? Should I had just called and re-evaluate river ?
    Or is there something else wrong ?

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    I'd have check/called the turn, then led the river.

    John (JWK24)

    6 Time Bracelet Winner


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      Hey John,

      True, if I had no reads or notes on him that would be my standard line here.
      But my turn action is aimed at narrowing his range and get value from KK/QQ/AK .
      OTF I am blocking AA/TT to a good degree but not 22 (maybe unlikely but not impossible for him to have as a way to steal pre)
      If I am giving him signs of me thin betting lower Ax hands, or an inferior pocket pair he is most likely putting a large re-raise on the river (maybe even shoving) then I am dead in the water.
      The 9d is not changing much, with no draw OTF he is not calling or raising, so back-door flush is not a likely holding for him (ofc Adxd is not to be negleted)
      So my line here was to make my river decision a bit easier if a new diamond appears or a total brick.


      ps: changed my initial post, TT was not a thin value on that board


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        29/26 is far from being TAG, so the 3 hands you're targeting are a minute part of the opp's range. With an opp playing this wide, there are plenty of hands that I'll be able to get more value from on the river by calling the turn bet. The opp most likely has 1 pair or a gutter, so I want to get more value. By raising the turn, I'm only going to get called by hands that will have good equity against me.

        An opp as loose and aggro as this, if the opp raises, my lead on the river, I'm also calling.

        John (JWK24)

        6 Time Bracelet Winner



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