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first post, feedback please.

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  • first post, feedback please.

    It´s obvious my river-bet I was a bit blinded by hitting two pairs on the river, but I really didn´t think he was fishing the flush considering the raises I did. How could I have played this hand better ?

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    The hand you posted, the replayer does not appear to be working correctly.


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      Thank you!

      I will take a look.
      Strange, the video is playing for me.


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        2 Time Bracelet Winner


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          What type of tourney is this from, which seat are you and how were the opps playing? Different tourney types have different strategies, so I want to be able to give you the best possible answer.

          John (JWK24)

          6 Time Bracelet Winner


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            Hi John!

            Are you not able to see the video either ?

            I think it was a Hubbles Freeroll.

            Blinds are 60/120

            I´m villain nr. 9 playing from UTG, I have AJs cloves and I´m raising to 275 (my stack 4490 chips)

            Villain 3, 7 and 8 calls (Villain 3 has 5315 chips)

            Flop is 3h, 4c, 10h

            Villain 7 and 8 (sb & bb) checks.
            I raise 360.
            Villain 3 calls. Villain 7 calls. Villain 8 folds.

            Turn is an Ace of diamonds giving me top pair.

            small blind checks again, I raise 480.
            Villain 3 calls. SB folds.

            River is Jack of hearts. Giving me 2 pairs, and the possible flush... ?

            I raise 1615. Villain 3 calls and has 7h8h -flush.


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              I will try to post another video, see if it works better this time. Another hubbles freeroll, and another bad river for me. I hope this isn´t a trend... lol I´ll let the video "speak for itself".


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                Omerta. On the first hand........

                My own personal opinion is that AJoff is maybe a bit loose of an opening hand from UTG. Its not that its bad its just that its a hand that can fairly easily find itself dominated. So pre id question even entering the pot but then I'm a nit. But if I was going to raise I need to raise more. I'm out of position so the raise really needs to be in the range of 360-420. The reason for this is that we are out of position.

                On the flop I think you need to figure out what you were betting for? You have missed so it really isn't a value bet. So you are trying to get the villains to fold. Where I would maybe take this line in a heads up pot when im in multiway the chances of someone having something and calling me down is higher. Therefore its a check and then a fold if the villain bets. But if I was going to bet I need to bet way more. There is flush draw out there. By betting only a third pot i'm allowing anyone drawing to a flush to play correctly against me. They are priced in. Bet needs to be at least 3/4 to pot. Another reason we shouldn't be looking to do this with air as it is around 25% of our remaining stack.

                On the turn again the bet sizing is bad. 500 into a 2000 pot. From my point of view if you are going to bet this street you have to shove. The correct bet sizing is around 1500 which leaves you less than half pot for the river committing it has to be a shove.

                On the river well it should be a check fold. Your bet sizing has given the villain the correct odds to call every street so when the flush hits..........well.

                In summary there is a pretty significant bet sizing problem here that you need to address. There is loads of good info around the forum that should help


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                  Hi omerta! The replayer will not have what type of tourney a hand comes from, nor info about the players. for the 35o hand, this hand is a trash hand and needs to be mucked preflop. The SB is the position where I want to be playing the least number of hands due to the positional disadvantage postflop, so I only want to be playing very strong hands from this position. From UTG, AJs, is a bit too weak to be playing and also needs to be mucked preflop. I'd play AK or AKs and possibly AQs, any other non-paired aces are too weak to play at a full ring table. If I was in the hand, when I flop nothing, I need to check and fold. Bets postflop need to be sized based on the number of opps, size of the pot and board texture. With 3 opps, I would need to bet 3/4 pot and I'm not doing this is in a freeroll with nothing. Hope this helps and good luck at the tables.umbup: John (JWK24)

                  6 Time Bracelet Winner


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                    Thanks both of you!

                    Etchos, it was AJs, not that it makes a whole lot of difference.
                    I had been folding and folding and wanted to be part of the game, so I decided to try even if I was UTG, but I guess I need to work on my betting. The players on that table was quite loose as well, so I thought why not...

                    I realise now how bad I played that hand.

                    As for the 35 - it cost me 25 chips to see the flop from small blind, with many limpers.
                    I got open-ended on the flop + a mid pair, and a straight on the turn... If it wasn´t for the river giving him a full house I would have doubled up early on. I think it´s worth it in a free roll to take a chance like that, even if it´s trash to begin with.
                    Any other flop and I´d just fold and lose 25 chips... oh well.

                    Instead I lost it all, but what I think is more questionable is the guy calling my shove with 2 pairs when there´s an obvious straight.


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                      The reason I bet 275 with the AJs is that IF I get reraised it´s not a huge pile of chips to let go... Should I really bet that hard, etchos?

                      I was going for a continuation bet on the AJs flop. The others don´t know that I missed. Let´s say I had AA or KK on my hand, should I still raise harder on the flop...isn´t a couple of calls better, to build a pot?
                      I guess with the flush draw, yes, I need to bet hard and get rid of them, at least on the turn when I hit my ace.


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                        The thinking of 'getting in cheap' from the SB is a leak that many beginners have (one I had to stop doing when I first started). It's a play that will lose a large number of chips over time due to the positional disadvantage and due to this, is something that I need to avoid.

                        John (JWK24)

                        6 Time Bracelet Winner


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                          Ok, so basically, don´t play trash hands on SB...
                          I´ll try to avoid it.

                          How about this:

                          Just now in the poker school open skill league.
                          Blinds are 30/60 (!)

                          I just tried a squeeze from the button on 2 limpers.
                          I had A9 and 1440 chips.

                          This russian guy on the cut off called my all in with Q4s, he had 1420 chips.

                          Needless to say, the queen appeared.


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                            In open league games, the one and only goal is to outlast as many players as possible in order to obtain more an more league points for the end of the month leaderboards.

                            To do so, I cannot take chances in them. Especially early in them, I can only play premium made hands, do not bluff and do not try anything tricky. Doing so can cost me chips, league points and money from the end of the month leaderboards... where the real money is.

                            In them, I do not ever want to be all-in unless I'm blinded in or I'm certain that I will have the best hand after all 5 cards are on the board. The word squeeze shouldn't even be a part of my vocabulary in these until I'm ITM.

                            John (JWK24)

                            6 Time Bracelet Winner


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                              John, you´re a very strict teacher ! Hahaha, but thanks, I appreciate it!

                              What do you think about the guy calling with Q4s ?
                              He sure did a much worse play than me in my humble opinion.



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