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Leaking money from the blinds

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  • Leaking money from the blinds

    So I recently installed pt4 (usually use HM2) and I checked out my winnings by position and discovered I am -34bb/100 on the bb and -31bb/100 sb over 28k hands for NL10. I am profitable in all positions except these two.

    3bet from bb is 6.6%, 4.8% sb, vpip for both is 16%.Not sure where to find steal/resteal stats. What sort of bb/100 should I be looking for in the blinds?

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    you should loose 11bb/100 in BB and half that in small blind. if you are having trouble out of position. fold everything but top 5% until you get better post flop. just watch the change. with more post flop experience it will work itself out. and if you are playing loose passive clown fish, really only play AKo,AQ+,TT+ from either. this will automatically boost your win rate a ton because you won't get into any bad post flop situations out of position. someone who has never played in their life is going to have an edge when they are in position and you will run into a lot of situations where you don't know if they are bluffing because you checked of value betting. it's just hard to get value out of position and your basically screwed if you can't maneuver post flop and you don't know your opponent tendencies. If there are tight players raising then you can set mine with any pair, but if you don't know them i would tend to just wait to play in position. most players loose money out of position and then their edge in the long run comes from playing in position. so just play in position
    you should always just loose the min out of position and if you loose more, muck everything. you will get experience and then reevaluate


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      Originally posted by pockettones View Post
      What sort of bb/100 should I be looking for in the blinds?
      Anything better than -30bb/100 is fine.

      Top players can reduce their blind losses to about -10bb to -15bb/100 (and even make money in small samples of 10,000 hands or so) but there are plenty of winning players that lose as much as 45bb/100 in each blind position. Just remember that if you folded every single big blind, the figure would be -100bb/100, so your aim is to minimise losses, usually by folding all your marginal hands, and being cautious when playing post-flop out of position.
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