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Please review this hand

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  • Please review this hand

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    Hi dduvshani,

    It is really hard to review a hand without any knowledge of the opponent, except in the most general terms. I think a couple of things can be mentioned though...


    I'm not really in love with a limp along here oop with a decent, but not world beating hand like AJo, so I do tend to prefer your 3bet choice (or a fold) depending upon table dynamic.

    I can see rationale for your 3bet sizing of larger than a 1.5 to 2.5 times (you go 3 times above)raise above the original raise - this tends to act as a directed bet at the short stack limper which puts him into an all in or fold type spot. Since AJo tends to play well versus most short stack limp ranges (unless shortie is very skilled/tricky, or extremely tight), so making it clear his only reasonable course is to move in now is not a terrible thing a lot of the time. Overall, as long as no one behind you appears to be aggro/skilled enough to squeeze you out, and as long as you are completely prepared to move in along with the shortie if he shoves, I see nothing amiss here.

    Personally though, given the size of my stack, I think i'd prefer a 3bet more along the line of making it around 550 to go.


    Well the plan goes a little bit awry, and the shortie folds but the big stack BB flats. The flop airballs you and BB donk leads for a min bet. You respond by raising to make it 480 to go.

    I see this as a little bit "meh" dduvshani.

    Don't get me wrong, I love the raise idea because it tends to put the decision back on the opponent (who, let's face it, has shown a pretty weak line to this poit), but I think your sizing was WAY too small. Consider...

    What amount would you have C-bet had the BB checked it to you?

    A half pot C-bet without the BB's donk lead would have been around 825, and around 900 with his donk lead. Your raise after his lead was only to make it 480 to go (or 360 more). In NL Hold 'em, there are really only 2 reasons to bet - either for value when you think you are ahead or to force a fold when you are bluffing - everything else tends to be combinations or results of these thoughts. Did your sizing choice serve either of these purposes?


    Without a pair, you can hardly be certain enough you are ahead on the flop. Still, let's say you think he might be min betting to block you from pricing him off a draw; you could well be ahead. Why not raise to AT LEAST an amount equal to a standard type half pot bet?

    If the unsurety about your hand strength is so much you find you cannot pull the trigger on that bet versus the big stack, why not simply CALL his mi bet, close the betting on this round, and see what develops on the turn?


    As a bluff bet, making it 320 more to go does not really work. Villain has to risk 320 more on a call for a chance to win 2215, or he is getting a price around 7 to 1 to call. The Villain would only need to win aobut 12.5% of the time on the turn, either by making the best hand or betting to make you fold, in order to have a call be +eV for him.

    Again, if the unsurety of whether a bluff will work is such that you cannot find it in your heart to bet MORE on a bluff here, then you might have considered a fold, or a flat call that gives YOU enormous draw odds to hit an over card to the flop.


    Absent information, my personal preference giving the weakness of the action here, and the likelihood a donk bettor could be on one of a couple different draws, would be to raise as you did dduvshani, but instead of making it 480, make it 850 to go. This would bring me to around 30% of my stack in the pot (which is largely why I favor a slightly smaller 3bet Pre Flop, to lower the C Bet amount), but while this is periliously close to a committment point, being forced to fold myself down to 3400 or so is not going to be entirely crippling to me at the 80/160 level. This larger sizing is also going to carry a lot more "weight" if the villain shows weakness later in the hand.

    TURN and RIVER:

    In both these spots the Villain continues a min bet/min bet line, and you call each bet. dduvashani I do not see a ton wrong with this, even though it MIGHT seem extremely weak to some.

    1) You've tried 1 stab on air to get a fold and it did not work; why (without info) would it be reasonable to think a second barrel on either the turn or river work?

    2) While your hand is not uber strong, A/face CAN have some showdown value versus a busted flush, ad with the weakness of the villain's line, that most certainly is in his range.

    3) After the flop action, the pot has grown plenty large enough to tur your A hi into a bluff catcher for running min bets.


    Except for having a bit more clarity of purpose in selecting your Flop raise sizing dduvashani, I cannot say this was a badly played hand at all. Keep in mind as well, given the fact this guy called your raise on the flop with a board UNDER PAIR, it may well have wroked out that your smaller size choice SAVED you money...but if we rely on results to make our decisions, and to influence our FUTURE decisions, when the information is different, we might end up costing ourselves far more than we "saved" this time!

    Overall, good hand!

    Hope it helps.

    Double Bracelet Winner



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