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AK small blind

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  • AK small blind

    Hello this is my first post here. I would like some feedback on a hand earlier in a micro sng. This is one of the first hands at the table so I don't feel like gambling too much in the early stages. The game is folded to me so I raise 3 BB, big blind 3.bets, I then 4-bet before he/she shoves all in. Do I wanna risk an all in with AK this early? Max

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    Hi Maxam93,

    What was your plan when you 4 bet? You have competed 1/5 of your stack and folded, A better option would been to call or fold to the 3 bet or with a read call a loose aggressive player.

    I think against an unknown villain I would just flat the 3 bet with my A high as we are racing any pair.

    In this situations you need to be thinking ahead...

    What will I do if he raises
    What will I do if he flats
    What will I do if I miss the Flop
    What will I do on a wet flop
    What will I do on a Dry flop

    Seems scary but takes practice I am currently watching Bankroll builder with AHAR010 which is about 45 and 90 man sit and go's and has tons of good advice.
    can be found at the above link
    Also Dave "TheLangolier" Has some cash game videos on playing AK

    Hope this helps

    Grade b

    EDIT: Ahar010 gets into a 4 way pot with AK and does have an interesting discussion about playing at the micro level and how many plays will be playing weak hands so you should play AK which is an interesting watch.
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      If you are not ready to shove then dont 4bet.
      at the moment you kind of imitated the playing and not even thinking why you did something.

      He 3bets 180 and you 4bet 300? do you expect him to fold? or do you expect him to call and then you would friendly check/check until the river where he shows his AQs and gives you the pot peacefully and friendly? Maybe villain even says that he is sorry that he got involved. I wish my villains would be like this. lol

      real game is different. It seems your leaks are:
      - Heads up game
      - odds/ equities
      - sb/bb game
      - betsizing/handreading

      there are plenty of videos about those topics.
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        Hi Maxam!

        You said:

        This is one of the first hands at the table so I don't feel like gambling too much in the early stages.

        Based on this ^^, Don't call.

        4bet/fold is usually a bad idea, but in a blind on blind situation with little info, your small 4bet tends to slow him up quite a bit if he does not have the goods (assuming no info = normal). Also, the micros tend to play passively unless your opponents are pretty certain they are ahead; this bodes ill for you being against a range that contains any hands you crush.

        I DO agree with Grade B that if you are prepared to gamboooooool that any 1 pair you might hit will be good a 3bet flat would be MY preferred line, but when oop with a reluctance to gamble it up I do not see a terrible play in your choices Maxam.

        Sure, you might have tossed the best hand, but you also might have cost yourself only 20% of your stack vs AA/KK instead of all of it if you make a good, but 2nd best hand on the flop.

        Hope it helps!


        P.S. Now whether or not you SHOULD be this risk averse in the first place is another thing entirely Maxam. -JDean
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