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Good Win Rates For Micro and Small Stakes Online Poker Cash Games

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  • Good Win Rates For Micro and Small Stakes Online Poker Cash Games

    Recently posted by BlackRain79... Just want to know what everyone's thoughts are!

    Show Me The Money!

    Top win rates possible for elite players who play 1-8 tables.

    NL2: 30bb/100
    NL5: 20bb/100
    NL10: 15bb/100
    NL25: 12bb/100
    NL50: 10bb/100
    NL100: 10bb/100

    Top win rates possible for elite players who play 9-17 tables.

    NL2: 20bb/100
    NL5: 13bb/100
    NL10: 10bb/100
    NL25: 8bb/100
    NL50: 7bb/100
    NL100: 7bb/100

    Top win rates possible for elite players who play 18+ tables.

    NL2: 12bb/100
    NL5: 8bb/100
    NL10: 6bb/100
    NL25: 5bb/100
    NL50: 5bb/100
    NL100: 5bb/100

    The Let Down

    These are the average win rates for 1-8 tables.

    NL2: 10bb/100
    NL5: 6bb/100
    NL10: 4bb/100
    NL25: 3bb/100
    NL50: 2bb/100
    NL100: 2bb/100

    These are the average win rates for 9-17 tables.

    NL2: 6bb/100
    NL5: 4bb/100
    NL10: 3bb/100
    NL25: 2bb/100
    NL50: 1bb/100
    NL100: 1bb/100

    These are the average win rates for 18+ tables.

    NL2: 4bb/100
    NL5: 2bb/100
    NL10: 2bb/100
    NL25: 1bb/100
    NL50: 0.5bb/100
    NL100: 0.5bb/100

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    I don't mind sharing how I have done at the 4 stakes I have put volume in at this year:

    Although it is clear he is talking about Regular tables (He mentions game selection and its impossible for most Zoom grinders to play more than the permitted 4 stake tables so therefore 9-17 an 18+ wouldnt make sense) they do seem to correlate to what he says an average grinder should make at each stake.

    With the exception of 25NL where things went a little wayward at the end.


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      Winrates of over 8bb/100 are seriously hard at 50nl and above.


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        So dirt eh's got the 'dirt', eh? (think it's time for more coffee ) Those average winrates are a lot lower than I would have thought, based on the anecdotal info floating around - everyone else kind of surprised to see how low they are? Guess at higher levels there's higher rake, but also higher vpp/fpp rewards, so it seems like maybe by 10nl people should definitely start including rewards as part of our winrates, if it makes us feel better about our crap 2bb/100 or whatever? Is that average winrate of 4bb/100 for 10nl regular tables? After finding that other person's graph for 10nl zoom on the internet with the 200k sample size, it sort of felt like 2bb/100 might be about average for zoom if the rates tend to be lower since we can't table select. Interesting stuff de umbup:


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          oops - posted in the wrong thread!


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            Hey dirt eh, do you read 2+2? There's a Russian tracking site, and someone who subscribes downloaded some data to get some winrates over a given sample - thought you might be interested in seeing them


            Here's the winrates for 25nl and 25nl Zoom for these samples:

            Wish the sample sizes for the zoom data were larger, but it's still nice to have these I guess ...


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              Those winrates are post-rakeback (i.e. with VPP value factored in) too.
              I think I'd continue to say that winning at 5bb/100 is considered "crushing". How depressing.
              Bracelet Winner


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                I don't udnderstand the meaning of average. If this is average it means that almost everyone is making money. Where does it come from? Or is it the average winning player and this is not really a average for all the pool? And is this FR or 6-max?


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                  This is not the win rate for the average player, it is the win rate for players that make a living from poker.

                  If it was the average win rate for all poker players it would be around -2/100bb I would guess, because of the rake



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