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10NL ZOOM, JJ top set river decision

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  • 10NL ZOOM, JJ top set river decision

    PF: I flat ,I don't know how this opponent reacts to 3bets, I don't have enough hands on them. Villain(36): 24/15/2.7 Turn goes X, X. River villain tanks for a while and then raises... What's the play?

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    Shove for value. Villain could have 9 combos of K10, AQ spades, all combos of q9. The way we played the hand villain will struggle to put us on a boat.

    Villain will never fold a straight so easy shove imo.
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      Hey dirt,

      I'd rather 3b JJ+ vs a button open, but flatting isn't terrible.

      I think we missed the boat not betting the turn (pun intended). He continued vs. our check/raise, so presumably he's got a range that's fat in showdown value and draws. A lot of this stuff is going to welcome a free card, and then no money goes in the middle. If he does check back to pot control sdv hands, a scary river might kill your action.

      As played, get it in? This doesn't seem like nearly the tricky question it would be if we held KQ. We are only losing to KK and 33, both of which we should be largely ruling out due to his flop call (33 would likely raise again) and turn check behind (KK would likely bet). KK is the most likely of these 2 if he was pot controlling the turn for some reason (bet/fold would be better by him imo). But there are certainly more combos of AQ and Q9 that would raise/call us on the river, and he might overplay/weird play AA/AK.
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        Yes… he had AQ… it's just that I would never raise AQ here OTR. This is why I'm "feeling lost" at 10NL. I have to get out of this player pool.


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          opponent already showed interest in the pot so a bet on the turn is in order for value



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