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5nl 6max - 22

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  • 5nl 6max - 22

    Hi guys, I feel there is going to be multiple no's to these question Should I call w 22? I only going to make bottom set at best, right. Or is set vs set rare, and so I can set mine? Also, should I not play this hand because I more than likely get squeezed at 6max? No reads on villain's in other seats Should I call the raise on the river, his bet sizing suggests to me a fish, and so could over value a Ax hand, or an overpair to the flop here? Cheers, Matt
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    I think whole hand is played fine.


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      I hate deuces, but I'll play the hand in this spot (or in the BB). In position on the button, you'll find it easier to fold bottom set if the action gets crazy, but I wouldn't make a habit of folding sets in 6-max games except against the nittiest nits on super-scary boards.

      As played, bet bigger on every street, and shove the river. Villain would have raised the flop or turn if he had a monster. With his line here, the best hand he usually has is top two on the river, but he also might have turned two pairs (e.g. A5s) and slowplayed. He's probably also calling the river with any decent ace, so go for max value. Very occasionally, villain will show up with a slowplayed 66 or 55, and there's also the chance that he binked a two-outer with tens, but I'm going broke here if so.
      Unless you have specific notes that a villain slowplays the nuts, then treat passive behaviour (check-calling) as medium-strength hands. When villain is in calling mode with a mid-strength hand, and you have a monster, take him to Valueville.
      Bracelet Winner


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        Cheers guys,



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          Hey Matt,

          Hand looks good from my seat one thing I would change about it is the initial river bet.
          Until turn you are good most of the times I guess, but as expressed before reads would make the diff.
          Now assuming you are playing against a 10/8 (500+) then your river bet is good, if it is a 25/4 dude that likes to chase stuff then I would definitely pot the river expecting for a shove. If it's that loose and passive and slow plays 66 just because Mercury is aligned to Venus - then just call it variance because these kind of dudes usually go crazy on the turn with an over set, thinking you cbet the flop on A high, and got there by the turn.


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            Cheers Bogdan,

            I should have got more out of villain.





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