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10NL Zoom, Q9, flop trips, raised on the turn

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  • 10NL Zoom, Q9, flop trips, raised on the turn

    We're against a typical reg here who probably understands that I am stealing wide BvB. I know his range is likely quite wide too so we can both be in there with a lot of relative trash hands. I think pre and flop are standard enough. He makes a sizeable raise of my turn cbet, I think he has nothing here in reality, all he is representing is 55, 9x and if he has pocket 3's then thats quite a spewy call from him on the flop. That said, I don't want to raise, because if he is just bluffing me I want to give him a chance to bluff the river as well. I'm not planning on folding at any point here. How was my turn play? As played, lead river, or let him bluff? (Assuming he doesn't have a better hand).

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    Hi bhoy,

    I think your line is fine. Although there is an argument for reraising the turn for sure, since blind v blind he may think we are full of it and actually rebluff or mash with 98 thinking it's the nuts.

    As played I think we should probably check to him. When we call the turn raise, it looks like we have sdv and he may be less inclined to bluff, but then again if he is bluffing he certainly may fire a big barrel to rep the 9. Depends a lot on who we are dealing with, "typical reg" is a generalization... I play with regs who will always give up bluffs here, and others who will always fire. But blind v blind a good player should expect us to call down more, thus bluff less (and many "typical regs" are bad lol). The other option is to make a blocking bet of like 2.50, which he may decide to shove over with his bluffs, but I think checking is probably better.
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      Thanks Dave,

      River went check/check so he showed down with KQs for total air. I guess I wasn't getting more out of him whatever way I played it.



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