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  • help?

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    **moved to more appropriate forum JWK24**

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      Hi self,

      Reads would help... game flow, dynamic, anything.

      Regardless, I think this is a hand we can play pretty straight forwardly vs. a random opening the button. I like the 3b pre. Flop c-bet is fine, there's a number of worse hands that can call and we do have back door clubs to bail us out sometimes against Kx.

      The turn is where this hand really goes awry. We get a couple of bad events... first we get called on our flop c-bet, then a coordinating turn card comes that is generally bad for our range and good for the positional player. I think we should check here. I would c/f to a big bet, probably c/c a small one. Really though, we have 2nd pair, on a coordinated board, out of position... it's a bad spot that we should be reticent to throw too much money at. When you bet, and the villain responds by moving all in, that's too much money. Fold here all day long. Routinely playing 165bb pots with 2nd pair is a recipe for disaster, we should only be doing this in very specific scenarios and this isn't close to one of them imo.
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        thanks dave, not much too read yet 3rd or 4th hand,thanks for the input figured it was a hero shove on my part,smelled bluff,on a much happier note i re load and got up to over a $100.00
        Quintuple Bracelet Winner



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