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10NL Zoom, QTd, All heart flop, vs unknown

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  • 10NL Zoom, QTd, All heart flop, vs unknown

    I think this is an interesting hand and I am really not sure whether I was spewy. I open because QTs is perfectly playable and there are no aggro 3bettors behind, button is a decent reg, but we don't ever seem to tangle with each other. If he 3bets me I am folding but I will call depending on sizing (Lots of min 3bets at 10NL at the minute) against the blinds. I flop top two but it is a monotone flop, I assume I am ahead at this point, but flopped flush/straights are possible as well as sets I guess. I get raised and just call. I very much doubt I am dead in the hand at this point. Turn is a relative blank, I call, intending to call all blank rivers. The board pairs on the river and the guy shoves, its a slight overbet, but I felt there were enough missed draws out there that he could be doing this without necessarily having the nuts.

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    Plenty of missed draws like what? I wonder what i should be doing with KJ on the river if i was v3 i cant say ive found myself in that spot yet.


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      I'm not in the house anymore so I can't remember the exact flop but is it possible for him to Ah with a pair, or no pair. Just a naked flush draw. Don't know his tendencies at this point.

      Just for the record. Not saying anything in the hand is standard or good. That's why I'm posting.


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        Hi bhoy,

        I do tend to think this is a bit spewy. People just don't lose their minds on monotone flops often.

        Also the primary draw we hope his bluffing is the Ah, but if he actually held the naked Ah, that would remove a number of draws from OUR range... which means when we call the flop c/r and call the turn, we're probably on a made hand, not a draw. Now, a bad player may not recognize this of course, but even a semi-competent hand reader who is ranging us probably would give up a bluff on the river because A) we look like a made hand if he holds the Ah himself and B) this run out is not one we are going to fold too often with our made hands.

        Ofc if he doesn't have the Ah, then he's probably got a made hand himself. AQ is about the only one we beat, and it's a pretty serious overplay of AQ in this spot, especially the river shove.

        I don't really mind your play pre/flop/turn, but when he moves in otr I think we are not good often enough to call off.
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          Dave i was thinking about this spot and if we was to raise flop as BB here with sets and flushes then we have no bluffs on the river when we 3 barrel.

          Well at least i don't anyway, i would normally raise 99 TT KJ and hate it when i get 3b and i would 3 barrel my boats here and i think i like checking KJ if villain is a reg i dont know how i would get payed off with worse.

          My point is hero would have an easy time folding the river vs me so either i need to add a bluff or i should x/c river?

          I cant think of a hand i would want to bluff raise the flop with either i think bluffing with a pair + draw would be way to many bluffs and i like x/c those anyway but i think a hand like Kh Tx would be best as we have a flush to hit and we block KJ and TT but at the same time i would rather have the nut flush but then we now remove the nut flush from his flop calling range which led me to think that maybe i shouldn't be raising this flop at all.


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            Thanks guys, much as I thought, result:



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