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10NL Zoom AJo, IP, vs Agrro 3bettor in BB

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  • 10NL Zoom AJo, IP, vs Agrro 3bettor in BB

    Making my first foray back into the HA forums in a while. Played this hand a little over 10 minutes ago and I think it was fairly standard but just want to check my thinking. Villain is 34/26 70 hands and has a 22.7% 3bet, all from the blind positions, 3/7 from SB and 2/7 from BB. I just call pre because I think his 3betting range will include a lot of dominated broadways as well as lower pairs. It is early days history wise with this guy but I dont think he is 3betting just a value range. My plan if (And in this hand 'when') I hit top pair is simply to call down, I see little point in raising at any point, and on some runouts I can still fold. He is decently aggressive post flop. Fired 7/9 flops. 4/5 Turns and 3/3 rivers. Should I be playing this any different against this kind of player? Just to note as well, his action with instantaneous on each street, he didn't need thinking time.

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    Hand is well played thus far.

    Given how the board ran out I don't think we should fold river. If we are folding this river for this price then I don't think we should call turn.


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      We are certainly quite high up in our range here, some draws whiff and the price is great but I am a little unsure whether the facts that an average 10NL Zoom player isn't the most elaborate postflop bluffer coupled with his timing could tip this into the favor of folding. The board and our actual hand block some strong combos, and given that he 3bet what you assumed to be a wide range he could maybe sometimes end up with more bluffs or thin valuebets than it looks. I think I'm calling until I'm more confident that this kind of timing/sizing means QQ+ too often
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        Thanks birdayy and thanks Felix.

        I did call the river and he had KJ which was right in the range of where I thought he would be. Nice to rake in a pot like that. I didn't think I was supposed to raise anywhere so I am happy that that wasn't suggested.



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