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6max Zoom - 65s

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  • 6max Zoom - 65s

    Hi guys, Could you please analyse this hand below. This one was tricky for me on river as villain could have AT here. Cheers Matt

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    Fold pre.

    Check-raise the flop, barrel the turn, shove the river. In short, play it like a set.

    If you're OOP, you need to be aggro if you hit something, as villain will check back mid-strength hands if you give him the chance. It's so hard to make money by check-calling in the blinds. Take control of the hand by check-raising imo. When you have a big hand, you need villain to make calling mistakes. He can't make calling mistakes if you check to him.

    This is kind of different to the other hands where you merely had one pair. If you just had KT for top pair, then check-calling would be fine. With two pairs, you need to be more aggro, in order to try and get paid in full.
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      Hi arty,

      So SCs really I want to be on BTN multiway? OOP I need to play more aggressively e.g. Raising, etc.
      When you have a big hand, you need villain to make calling mistakes. He can't make calling mistakes if you check to him
      I just felt he was going to bet all three streets, and I thought let him make the betting mistakes, but however I still believe what you said to be right since although it happen on this occasion, it will probably happen less often than not.

      Should I play any SC from the blinds multiway? Excluding 3bet re stealing against BTN steal attempt.

      In 6max, what's the most profitable way to play SCs? What are the situations should I be looking for? I thoughT this might be one. I think that's what I need.




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        In the small blind, you should hardly be flat-calling with anything (except maybe 99-66 and some suited Broadways), since you're not closing the action (could get squeezed or overcalled), and it's the absolute worst position post-flop. You're not even getting a great price at 5NL, as you've put in less than half a blind. In the big blind, by contrast, you can flat much more often, because you *are* closing the action, getting a good price etc.

        If you'd been in the BB, then calling would be totally standard, but this hand is too weak to flat in the small. As you see, the BB was priced in to call, and the pot going 4-way means you'll be at more risk of getting over-flushed, over-straighted, or running into better two-pairs/trips or sets.

        The "most profitable" way to play suited connectors either IP or OOP is usually to just fold them and minimise your losses. You can flat in the BB vs a steal, but even a GTO bot barely breaks even with hands like 98s in the big blind. (If you check your filters, you'll probably find that hands like 76s make more money from getting walks in the BB than from actually calling raises!)
        If you do get yourself into a +EV calling situation pre-flop (e.g. LAG on button minraises), then you should often be check-raising the flop with with any pair or draw (especially if the flop misses the c-bettor's range). Despite the fact that SCs can "make straights and flushes", the bulk of their value is as semi-bluffing hands. You can check-raise with them in order to pick up the dead money without making a hand. i.e. You check-raise to take the pot down while you have some fold equity, since villain will have air so often. Check-calling and hoping to hit just won't work out, because you won't hit the draw very often, and villain will use his positional advantage to avoid paying off when the obvious draw comes in.
        It's easy to balance your play by check-raising your draws, since you can play sets and two pairs exactly the same way. In short, don't do much calling OOP if you weren't the pre-flop aggressor. Either check-fold, or check-raise.
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