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Trips, Tough decision

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  • Trips, Tough decision

    1/2 cent, Cash table PF: 5xBB is enough for A6s, i think. --------------- Flop: Trips, ...i forgot who raise to 5BB preflop when i saw them... I made a small bet, hoping for callers, but villain_2 Raised to nearly pot size, this confused me: I felt it was a very strong raise, if he got 77, would he bet so much? it was no flush-draw there, so he didn't need to knock them away, why not call and (re-)raise next street, or just double my bet to made me call? ***but what if he had 77, then it was obvious that i was bluff or had trips, i would busted there..., OR i had over pair that i should be cautions... He had 67s ? i didn't think 67s will raise/call 5xBB preflop --------------- Turn: 3h low card, i didn't think it will improve his hand, so the plan is: i was not drawing dead, if he bet big, i call to the end, if he check, i bet 1/2 pot on the river. -------------- River ........ im still confused, did i make the right decision? What will you do here, in the cash table?

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    Hello, someone help me, please, Thanks in advance! umbup:


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      Hi WiCD,

      Firstly the preflop call is marginal... we do have a nice drawing hand in a multi-way pot, and the money is deep, but I think we have to be confident in our post flop play to be able to call this profitably. What I mean is, if we can't resist monkeying off half our stack on an Axx flop, then we should probably not call pre in the first place. If we can navigate trouble flops well (Axx being the prime candidate) then our speculative call preflop can pan out into profitability.

      In other words, people see spots like this and say well I can speculate for 2 pair+ or clubs, since it's multi-way, single raised pot and deep enough stacks. While that's true, if we are going to give all that theoretical profit back with interest on ace high flops where we're out kicked, then in the long run we're just leaking money. Hope all that makes sense.

      Post flop, I would reraise him. I would rate when the villain raises he's got an overpair to the board and I am not giving credit at microstakes for anyone to fold a big overpair to the board. If he's got a smaller pair than KK... say TT for example, then any J/Q/K/A may slow him down. So I like to reraise immediately with an eye towards getting stacks in, while he still has a hand he can't release. If he happens to have 77, or hits his overpair, nh sir. When we chose to speculate preflop with a marginal hand, we are looking for a certain type of post flop situation, and this is exactly one of those spots we were dreaming of... flopping huge vs. a villain who's marked himself as having a strong 2nd best hand that he likely can' t bring himself to fold. Don't get shy now.
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