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25nl 6max Zoom- calling river?

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  • 25nl 6max Zoom- calling river?

    Villain is 3 tabling. I haven't got a decent sample on any stats yet. The river bet reeks of value, but at the same time given the price and that quite a few draws missed should we call? I have no idea how wide villain is opening cutoff but I imagine because of positions villain would triple as I have plenty of missed draws/ kx he can fold out. Which is what the bet size may be trying to accomplish. Also with no diamonds in my hand I felt like calling was the correct play.
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    Tough spot, depending on the villain they shouldn't be betting AT, they might not even bet AQ. I think a raise OTF might have been a good choice. We have TPHK and back door nut flush. If we raise his cbet this hand could have been played a lot easier.

    As played I think I would let it go OTR. We only have a bluff catcher at this point.


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      Hi Paddy,

      We can make a case for folding the turn to these sizings imo. I think the river is a fold. Such a low % of his range is draws. And this is sizing sequence doesn't look like a busted draw to me regardless... 70%/70%/<50%... why the sudden reduction in sizing on the river? Likely because he's trying to get value from your weaker made hands. Your made hand range is somewhat capped here to medium aces (AJ is pretty close to the top of it, probably AQ being that top) and includes weaker made hands like KQ and Td9d. To get paid a fair bit by this weaker range, he has to size smaller. So ultimately I think we'll see AQ+ the large majority of the time here.

      @dirt, raising the flop seems really bad to me... it will only serve to fold out hands we're crushing, and get continued action from hands crushing us. And with back doors to the nuts we certainly don't want to open the door for him to reraise us off our hand on the flop and not even see a turn. The turn card is likely to be neutral or favorable for us, (and neutral or bad for villain) so we should welcome seeing it.
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        Forgot to post result of this as I thought it was interesting given the sizing.
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          Paddy, it's good that you picked this off but tbh I think this is a bad call in the long run. Obviously make a note on this villain and check his triple barrel range for future spot vs. him.


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            Yeah agree dirt.
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