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10NL, #zoomingitup turned flush on paired board

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  • 10NL, #zoomingitup turned flush on paired board

    I'm back at ZOOM. Just warming up at 10NL. Not really that interesting of a spot I guess. I think as played was correct? Or can we make a fold on this turn? There are only a few hands I think the villain can have here...KQ with Q of spades, pocket 2s, KJ maybe JJ. And I know this is going to come up... T8s is loose from MP... lol It's my worst suited gapper that I open from MP. Thanks, Villain
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    You already said it so I wont bother repeating it. I've done it too so I don't judge.

    I think I fold river too, grudgingly, he seems unconcerned about it being a 4 flush board and is betting half your stack. Unless he is bluff mad then its hard to see what else he is doing this with other than a FH.

    I really don't see what QsXs he is in there with so something like JJ or KJ seems reasonable. Possibly 22.


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      Meh it's not the worst open. Would rather open this than KTo.

      Hand looks wp.


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        Hey guys

        I'm not going to bother about preflop :P but I think our decision has to be made OTT actually.
        Let's look at it this way.
        1. The board is paired
        2. we bet two streets when the third spade comes in > How does our hand look to our opponent? And what is he raising with OTT?

        22, KJ, JJ, and flush. Let's put in a few combos of AK that did not 3bet preflop and decided to raise the turn to deny a free spade river (maybe)
        So say they raise turn with 6 combos of AK, JJ, 22, KJ, AsQs, AsTs, Qs9s, 9s7s, 7s6s, 6s5s (Obviously we still don't see the Ace of spade on the river, and we assume that they have 97s, 76s, and 65s in their BB calling range. The fact that we have the Ts and 8s makes it hard for our opponent to have less than Ts because we block T9s, 98s, 87s). I think KcQs, KdQs would be more inclined to call than raise the turn so it seems their turn raise would include 52% full houses, only 21% flushes and 27% 3 of a kind.



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