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50NL, QQ very strange hand

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  • 50NL, QQ very strange hand

    PF: I decided to flat considering we're semi deep. OTF: Villain continues and I think this is a mandatory raise on this board. OTT: I continue my aggression only to see the villain XR me OTT! I thought that this was really strange. Not sure if I should have jammed over this raise or not. Only worried about KK. Not really worried about JT, I think that would have 3bet me OTF trying to get it in. I call... OTR: Blank. Villain now checks... now what... Villain(678 hands):21/16/1.9 ATS: 32 4B range: 2 Cbet: 60 on 47 samples

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    I'd 3bet pre, but I can understand the call.

    Flop is fairly wet so I think raising is good because we can get calls with worse hands and we are so very underrepped.

    Turn, I think he can have a lot of two pair combinations here, top pair (Though its an extremely thin value raise if it is just top pair), he can have sets too of course. Nothing beats us on the turn that wasn't already beating us on the flop ie. JT.

    I think on the river I would make a small bet with the intention of calling any shove. Something like $18. I've often seen villains spazz out to that kind of bet (Admittedly not at 50NL).


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      Call pre is rly bad. Your expect to 3b this spot quite often as a bluff and if you aren't 3betting QQ, then you'll be too bluff heavy.

      It's not uncommon for regs to 4b/call 99 BvB, which gives you an idea as to how much value you are loosing by just calling pre.

      As played, flop is whatever, i'd rather call.

      I think given we shouldn't have QQ in our range we should just shove otr. We rep missed hearts well and villain can easily check a hand like 99 waiting to snap off a bluff.


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        I don't think you are that deep to not 4bet QQ and get it it in in that spot. Following that thought, i should be looking to get it in in with middle set there. Your sizing look small on that draw heavy board. He gave you the opportunity to ship it on turn. I would take that. The hand looks like you were playing with a 200BBs deep mentality and scared of shiping it. Is it really that much money to be a mistake to get it in there? (not a rhetorical question) On the river, the villain looks week to me. I would bet small and call a shove.


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          Definitely 3 bet pre and all in if he 4bets
          Flop is Ok
          I'm shoving his re-raise on the turn


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            Hi dirt,

            I agree with 3-betting pre for the reasons already given itt.

            Post flop is fine imo, and I would shove this river all day long expecting to get hero'd by some fairly weak hands given the situation and the fact we look like a busted draw is a real possibility.
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