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50NL, turned NFD vs. loose aggressive reg

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  • 50NL, turned NFD vs. loose aggressive reg

    Flop I float with 2 overs and back door NFD. Turn raise because this villain isn't giving us the odds to call the turn. I also think we are able to shove OTR with any diamond, spade, 6, 4, and king vs. this loose aggressive reg player. Please comment on the hand. As played I think we have to give up and check this river back? Villain(344 hands): 25/20/3.6 ATS: 43 Cbet: 68 on 31 samples Tbet: 75 on 12 samples

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    Originally posted by dirt eh View Post
    Please comment on the hand. As played I think we have to give up and check this river back?
    I would never of gotten to the river...............again


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      Hi dirt,

      I prefer to 3b preflop with A-little suited as it makes the hand easier to play and punishes the steal raiser (steal stats aren't given but he's opening the SB so probably has some girth of steal range). Plus I don't care if we get 4b, easy fold.

      I might opt to raise this hand right on the flop if we are going to continue. The problem with floating is this villain does not look like a good candidate for it since he follows through with turn barrels with a good frequency. River #'s aren't given but maybe he's a good double float candidate, idk.

      My general line here as played is to call turn. You chose not to go this route because you said he's not giving us odds (pot odds, correct)... but we do have some implied odds imo since our nut cards are back door, plus an ace will win for us a decent amount. And we have a number of bluff cards on the river as well. We could even bluff a Q or J river as hands like 99 and A7 will have a very hard time calling at that point.

      As played, you set up a pot sized shove on the river but failed to pull the trigger. If you were raising a strong hand like a set, you would fire, so I don't think it would be bad to follow through here. He can certainly fold slightly better busted draws like AsQs and hands like TT that aren't a believer yet on the turn but plan to c/f to a big river bet.
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        Dave... I actually shipped the river tbh. I wasn't sure if this was going to be the right play on blanks as well. idk. Here's the hand with results. Thanks for the analysis. Great stuff. This villain X, snapped called my river shove.



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