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50NL, T9s Turn and River Play

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  • 50NL, T9s Turn and River Play

    Any point in X raising the turn here? BU(89): 16/11/7.0 ATS: 29 As played jam river for value? looking to get called by big over pairs and Tx?

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    I think you should 3b your entire continuing range 100bb deep sb vs btn with a semi-competent player in the bb.

    Calling is ok if bb is a drooler.

    As played i don't see any value in raising vs a nit.

    I don't expect anyone decent to call with worse (though he made fold a K high or A high bluff). I don't think you are turning a flush into a bluff though...


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      Hi dirt eh,

      Consider how better this hand would have played out had we 3bet preflop
      I'm not calling with T9s oop (sb particularly), not even if the BB is a whale.

      As played, river is tricky for 3 reasons: 1. will villain stack off with their overpair? 2. it's 3 handed and villain could be loosening up ALOT so would they have worse flushes (I only see 87s, 76s; our T9 and the 5 and 4 on board block so much worse SCs)? We called two streets already on a paired T and the river still did not deter villain from betting, I don't think we will see any bluffs in their river betting range so now the question is: how strong is our hand when there is only 1 T left for trips, and we don't beat most backdoor flushes, and there is no bluffs in villains range?


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        If he was to 3 barrel bluff here he is trying to fold 66-99? as we have no over pairs to fold on this club river anyway and we have some club floats on the turn?

        Looks like a terrible spot to bluff to me and the nits barreling range on that turn is going to have clubs over pairs trips boats i don't see why he would barrel a 4club turn with total air.

        The river looks like a call/ fold i doubt he ever calls with worse.



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