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2Nl 6Max-Holding KK

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  • 2Nl 6Max-Holding KK

    I am holding KK and villian_5 is tight passive. I suppose I should not bet pot size amount at the turn and the river. At the river, he check-raise me. After giving in some thoughts, I decided to fold. Is there a better way to play out this hand? Or what can I do to improve? Thanks

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      Hi luckpoker111, First, your fold was the best decision here, but you could do some move differently to avoid this fold! Let me explain how I see this play: Pre-Flop Standard raise of 0,06$ was perfect here and you catch 1 Limper Flop Big raise (100% of the pot) here with an over pair. The villain call. He made his first mistake here. He is probably on a flush draw as I see the play. I see him on --- . Even maybe slow playing So his call here is ok, but not the best thing if he hold those card. Turn I think it's here you made your first mistake. If he was on the Flush draw, he made it here, so it's ok for you to fold here if he re-raise. If he was on . he probably raise here. but i think that he hold a and he probably will fold if you raise. When you don't have an absolute monster made hand on the flop you should protect it.


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        It's played well until the river.
        I think it's too thin to bet with that particular runout of board cards. If you bet small, you can get looked up by AQ and QJ, but villain is going to have a flush, set, two pairs or a rivered straight (with 66) pretty often. You can't get paid by enough worse hands to make value-betting very profitable here, so checking back and seeing the showdown is best. I doubt this villain is ever bluffing when he check-raises, but it's a disaster to give him the opportunity to do so when you sometimes have the best hand, so just show it down imo. Obviously folding to the raise is correct.
        The key point to note is that your one pair is relatively weak when the board runs out like this, with a possible flush and four to a straight. Since you have showdown value (SDV), keeping the pot small (by checking) in order to collect that value is the idea. Betting becomes pointless if hardly any worse hands can call, but better hands can raise.
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          Thanks Spy and Arty for the feedback. I have a better understanding now.

          Appreciate the help!



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