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KQ flop fold

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  • KQ flop fold

    Tell me I did it right.. Considering the fact that the blinds were 15/30 and I could play without constraints further, not risking the whole stack.

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    What kind of tournament was this?

    Fold on the flop was correct. Just make a note that villain 4 open overbet shoves flops with top pair and that villain 7 is calling those shoves with draws. That can be useful for later


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      This was one of the regular tournaments with something like $1.5K Gtd and $1.10 buy-in.
      Yeah, I took notes but such guys are often kicked out right away at the beginning of a tournament, and they did
      Thanks for the answer.


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        Don't be results orientated. Thinking "if I had called that I would have won the pot" is not healthy. You cant focus on one specific hand. over the long term calling in that spot would not make you money.


        if you call and lose you are losing an 1610 per hand
        if you call and win you are gaining 4045 per hand.

        Your approximate equity assuming pairing is good is 24% (its actually less as im including KQ spades here as you didn't know villain was on a flush draw) (also it makes no allowance for you hitting a K on the turn and a villain improving on the it really is an optimistic assessment.)

        over 100 occurances you are winning 24 x 4045 = 97080
        and losing 76 x 1610 = 122360

        Overall down 25280 or 252 chips per hand.

        So don't think of this as a big pot you missed out on winning. Think of it as 252 chips you saved yourself.


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          Preflop, I'm calling and not 3-betting. I have position and a hand that could be dominated, so I don't want to bloat the pot. Plus, since this is early in the tourney, most opps will probably call the 3-bet with anything.

          When faced with the flop action... easy fold. I cannot be chasing in pots where I'm priced out (and can have my outs easily counterfeited).

          John (JWK24)

          6 Time Bracelet Winner


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            etchos, I was not results orientated for no means, that's a pretty fishy psychological approach to the game. I was just thinking whether or not I made a fold right, that's all
            JWK24, yeah, I know that calling was better in that situation but those guys were playing kinda loose and I was thinking that KQ could be pretty good on the flop..
            Thank you guys!



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