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was my semi-bluff OK?

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  • was my semi-bluff OK?

    I do not know, if i played correctly. I was SB and tried steal, opponent with 66/44/AF 1,75. I had info from only 33 hands, but 3 times he went to showdown with quite weak hands. I called his 3bet. After flop i well estimated he has Kx, i supposed the highhest KJ. I raised, he reraised and i all-in. I never expected call from him with only one pair of K. I tryied semibluff in suitable situation - according to my opinion. I am right or it was bad play from me?

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    suited connectors a re a good hand to steal with. Calling the 3bet pre I think is fine as I think against someone so loose and aggro you cant be raising here and just folding. What was his 3bet stat? if it was normal to high then fine but if it was sitting low then maybe a fold would have been best.

    I don't have a problem with making these kinds of plays on the flop but they have to be made against the right kind of players. I honestly think you have been defeated by your own reasoning. You identify two key things:

    -you think he has Kx
    -You note that he has went to showdown with weak holdings.

    Put the two together and your aim to get him to fold his top pair doesn't seem all that achievable.

    I think especially once you are re-raised on the flop you have to give up. At 5NL I don't see this being air too much.

    Reluctantly move on noting that he is re-raising flops with top pair mid kicker and wait for a better spot when you can get your chips in for value.


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      thank you for feedback


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        I would skip steal attempt with 56s against agro fish OOP. a) Draws against him are too expensive b) We don’t have bluff value. Well we do, but against this villain it takes too much for most players because its just too difficult.

        imo, a hand like KT is better, where we play fit or fold on the flop, with top pair we are destined to call 3 streets.

        witht he price u got calling 3b, imo, is good.

        donking flop is bad, you just get him all excited, and when agro fish is excited he will raise.

        ps. these are not facts but noob opinions, so plz challenge my opinion
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