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NL2, K8s river fold

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  • NL2, K8s river fold

    I was thinking about his limp preflop, thought hed had some small pocket pair and wanted to see flop cheaply. I don't know nothing about him. On the river I thought that he could've already made a set and didn't raise as a result. Don't know, maybe for good. What do you think? Was it a mistake not to raise with a pair of kings? Thanks.

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    Hi FunghornR,


    Since you are OOP and want to isolate the limper..charge the villain more to see the flop - make it 10cents.


    cbet the flop as you did. You could either take it down now, or on later streets complete the flush draw.


    I think you could X/C, letting villain lead (if he does) with a weaker holding than your TP. Although by leading yourself you still put pressure on villain and build a pot if you hit your flush on the river.


    when you don't complete with your flush, and now that villain called your turn bet not scared of the K, X/F. Fishy villains will limp with AK, AJ, KJ, etc preflop, and with overcards they do call flop bets. So I think there are better Kx hands in his range than yours. His bet sizing inidcates to me that he has something worthwhile.

    I would like to know what others think, as I am by no means good at analysing these situations.


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