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steam-rolled hero

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  • steam-rolled hero

    I could be wrong, but I played three hands exactly as they should have been played- HARD!
    I'd like to get feedback from other players;
    -How you wouldhave playerd each of these 3 hands
    -what (if anything) would you have done differently

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      Hand 1 - Preflop I would have bet a little less, maybe 2.5x or 500 Postflop your shove was fine with a draw, just unlucky not to hit one of your outs. Hand 2 - :10d doesn't play well in a multiway pot on a wet flop, proceed with caution here and there would be no shame in a check-fold here postflop. Hand 3 - This was the perfect opportunity to set-mine, check and hope to see a 5 on the flop. There was no need to shove here preflop. As it turns out it wouldn't matter anyway because you ran into a real bad beat here, very unlucky. Raiser umbup:


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        Hi waikato08,

        First Hand on full ring table even if KQs is really pretty hand probably is not really good idea to open UTG whit it because most of the time you will be out kicked from AQ or AK and KQs is good for multi way pot where you will have the chance to hit your straight or flush for less money.

        What probably i will do in this situation if i don't feel that i can fold it if im raised or if i don't hit good flop i will fold it UTG and play it in late position only. If i want to play this type of hands in early positions probably i will limp ( but note i will limp monster hands from time to time like AA or KK and 3bet 4bet them so i will have image that i limp to trap and in the same time will give me the chance to play hands like this for cheep because nobody will want to raise me pre if they don't have monster hands them self but you need to be really discipline and know when you need to fold ). On the flop you cannot do really nothing as villain is short stack and i don't know how he haven't push it pre flop whit AT and if he was to shove it will be really bad to call UTG whit KQs. But probably in this case will be best to check raise as a semi bluff as will make your hand look more strong than donking the flop.

        Second hand AT in SB i don't think is good idea to flat the 3-bet from the button as you will be in sandwich if the UTG+3 can make a squeeze and then will be really bad to call whit AT OOP. I think the best here is to fold as you will be out of position over the rest of the hand and even if you hit trip T you will not make any money from it. AT in the blinds probably i will flat button raise but not 3-bet.

        Last hand you cannot do really nothing as you are to short to play it and i think villain_6 made a bad call after the cut off shove it.

        Hope this helps you.


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          First hand
          At 32 bb's deep you don't need to get involved here. KQ suited under the gun is not a great spot. You arn't desperate for chips. If you really feel the need to open then open for less 4.5x is a little spewy. 2.5x or 3x is more reasonable. Given you are out of position you do want to charge a premium so maybe 3x.
          On the flop. Again I think this is a bit too loose.

          Second hand.
          This should have been mucked pre flop. A10 off is not a strong hand. I really don't want to be playing this out of position. One of the main reason is flops like the one you got. The action pre suggests that at least one of the other players is holding a better ace. When Im called here on the flop I can't fire again on the turn.
          Horrible spot which should have been avoided by not calling pre.

          Third Hand
          I can see the argument for flatting here but I would have played it like you I think. With so many limpers there is a lot of dead money in the pot so you really want to induce some folds and just pick that up. If you can get one caller you are heads up and either crushed or flipping with 2 over cards.

          Whats missing in all the hands is some observations about the table and the villians. Without that we are really looking at your action in a vacuum.


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            Nah, Yall are FULL OF IT!!!
            Nah JOKES.

            Interesting comments.
            I watched afew tutorials last night about bet sizing, and the FOUR reasons to bet, etc.
            And I have been KILLING it on the play money ring games, zoom and tourneys.
            Once I know I've got a winning formula then it CASHIES ON! But I'm not willing to put my real cash on the line again just yet.

            It's funny. Six years playing poker and I've just realised that I'm STILL learning. Although as the saying goes, "if you ain't learning from it, it is time to give it up!"



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