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5nl AA - call all in turn ?

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  • 5nl AA - call all in turn ?

    Hey guys , What do you think about this spot , is it a fold or a call? Villain is unknown , i guess his range on the turn could be at worst :KK-JJ,88,44,Td9d + adding some bluffs in his range can make this call profitable but he is unknown to me . I can discount from his range preflop AK, AQ, AA and sometimes KK. On the turn i don't think he has QQ and Td9d (i guess he would rather raised on the flop , or called the turn for value) . That leaves JJ, 88 and 44 = 9 card combinations do i have the right odds to call to assume he is bluffing? Thanx Dan

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    I just find that people very rarely take this line as a bluff, especially at the micros, so I'd just give him credit for one of the sets and fold.

    If he wanted to raise his flush draw, he had a better opportunity to do this on the flop, so why would he do it now on the turn? He might, but I just feel this is way more often sets and even if it is a flush draw, he still has ~20% if you call.


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      But isn't the general rule that people get crazy in 3bet pots and that after betting turn you cant be folding that often since so much is invested? Against a nit i might fold, but against a unknown i usually call in this spot and find that they are holding stranger things than TPTK.



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