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Mtt - $3.30

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  • Mtt - $3.30

    Hi guys, I don't think I have posted a hand to be analyzed in awhile First hand of a $3.30 MTT, no read on my opponent, he raises just shy of x3, but thats fine. I raise him x2 (meant to do it x3 but misclicked, no intention of slow playing, just didn't turn the wheel enough) and then he x3. It is at this point that I think, this isn't a standard raise, this is a "I have Aces" raise. Although this is the standard line with QQ-AA, some people do it with AK, with so much still left behind, I can avoid getting stuck here by folding, I pause for a little while and then decide to continue my original line. The reason I am posting this is that I am trying to address my fold ability, I am getting stuck with AA and opp is raising me on the flop with 2Pair+, i get in and realize that early on I could fold. I play quite a nitty game, especially early on. I will take more risks when I am short-stacked but start of tournament depth, I am only getting it in with QQ+. I think that so often opponents can have Jacks here, Ax here, and if it was wrong to get it in in these spots with KK, then the range would just narrow to only calling with AA. In two minds on this one...i wouldnt have given it a second thought until recently when I have been analyzing my play a lot more.. so what do you think?

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    Hey baud2death,

    I am definitely shoving here. Of course it is bad luck to run into Aces with Kings, but that is just way it goes. These micro limit tournaments are played by a lot of fishes, who have no problem with going all-in pre-flop with 1010, JJ or any Ace with reasonable kicker at the start of the tournament. It is right to play tight at the start of the tournament, but Kings is just that kind of hand where you want to put your chips in.
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      Kudos on the bracelet... these ones look much shiner than last years

      Have been playing a weak game recently, PSO games included and reckon i have plugged a lot of my leaks.. hoping to grab a bracelet myself, came really close as well coming 3rd in an event


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        **moved to more appropriate forum JWK24**

        I'm definitely getting it in with KK here, however, the way that it's gone about.. I would not do.

        When the opp raises to 160, I need to re-raise to at least 400, if not to 480. By betting smaller, I can be pricing in hands to try to outdraw me... something that I want to avoid.

        I don't want to price in an opp with Ax.

        John (JWK24)

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          ive never folded kk pre in a spot like this yet.... but not sure sometimes i think i should.... cause its a min 3 bet, and majority of the time its aces that min 3 bet, and when i end up calling im like "i know u got aces but i call" and majority of the time they do.... ive folded kk live before but never online.... i think u can only do it with good reads and history when online.... is there any time u can fold this hand except for satelite bubbles


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            Reassuring feedback guys.
            Its the second nuts, i think losing a buyin in that spot by calling is a lot worse than folding.

            It sucks but i feel that not getting it in such spots is letting opponents bet their good hands into you and always fearing they have the nuts.



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