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50NL, AJo vs. loose passive player

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  • 50NL, AJo vs. loose passive player

    I decided to 3B AJo vs. this loose passive player to isolate. I actually wasn't too happy about it after I did this so this was probably a mistake. OTF: I decided I wasn't folding... plan was to cbet an amount in order to shove the turn. Please review PF decision. PostF, obviously having A of diamonds would have been nicer to go with. Not sure if this was the smartest idea to go with the hand or not. I got lucky. UTG(237): 35/19/0.7 Fold to 3B: 18 (11 samples) Fold to cbet: 41 (22 samples)

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    This is super spewy (postflop. preflop is good)

    This board is really good for his range. We should be checking back a tonne of our hands on this board.

    Originally posted by dirt eh View Post
    OTF: I decided I wasn't folding...
    Nice analysis bro.

    Take the free card and realize your equity . If he checks to you on a Q or K or something we can start betting turn and deciding what to do on various rivers. We can rep a lot more hands when we x back on good turns. Think about AdK. There wouldn't really be any reason to cbet. Thus when a high card comes OTT it's good for our range and bad for his.

    It's ok to lose a pot. Don't get attached to hands and 'go with them' because you decided your not gonna fold.

    As played, turn is just lighting money on fire. Not only are our outs tainted (he's not folding AxQd for example), but I don't expect a fish to call flop to fold that turn.


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      birdayy, would you take this line vs. a different player type? Or are we never taking this line?


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        Middle card heavy boards favour the callers range.

        Because of this we should be betting a lot less with our entire range.

        Obviously you want to remain balanced and protect your ranges vs good regs, so checking backs stuff like AdA, or sets can be good on boards like this.

        In terms of this line, I wouldn't take it vs anyone with this particular hand (esp on that turn).


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          Hi dirt,

          I agree with birdayy here... I don't mind isolating him preflop since he does open relatively loose and won't fold most of his junk apparently.

          I would prefer not to c-bet this flop for the reasons birdayy said... and on the turn certainly moving all in is bad news vs. this guy. Just to stress the points already made, I think the biggest problem here was your mindset to go with it and not fold with blinders on. It's important to at least consider things like:

          -What's his flop check/calling range
          -How does the turn card impact that range (against a strong player how it impacts your perceived range would also be important)
          -Has our fold equity increased or decreased? (Since we are basically bluffing)

          This turn card does not scare him in any way and any hand he felt worthy of calling the flop is almost certainly not folding now. Take the free card and give up when you miss, value bet when you improve and he checks to you, imo.
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