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50NL, JJ in the SB Cold 4B

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  • 50NL, JJ in the SB Cold 4B

    I've taken a break from ZOOM and started to go fishing at the regular tables for a bit. I guess this hand comes down to stats and table dynamics. I'm never sure how to handle TT or JJ in the blinds after the CO opens and the BTN 3-bets. 1) Flat or Raise? 2) Stack off range vs. 3-bettors all-in jam? CO(116): 30/23/3.0 ATS: 48 BTN(1.3k): 22/16/2.0 Total 3B: 8.2 3B on the button is 11.9 4B range is 1 (28 samples) 5B range is 7 (12 samples)

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    If you decide to 4b I don't think you should fold given the positional action. We'll probably be at our widest in regards to 4betting sb vs btn 3b vs co.

    If you don't feel comfortable going with it (i would vs a solid regular), then there's no reason why we can't cold call.
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      I think there's some history involved here.

      You have 1.3k hands on the button, I think you made the 4bet with this in mind, as such you should be 4bet calling here. What's your image versus this guy? I think he can shove light in this spot especially versus your sizing and the positional dynamics.

      Not sure of exact calling ranges but I would say tens plus AK can be a 4bet call, 4bet folding some bluffs too. Have you seen hands he has 5bet with before?
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        Originally posted by Paddy Gar View Post
        Have you seen hands he has 5bet with before?
        I just looked:

        9 samples total

        2 samples in the BB: AKo and AKo
        3 samples in the SB: AKs, AJs, and unknown
        3 samples on the BU: KK, unknown and unknown
        1 samples in the CO: KK

        Looks like they stack off lighter OOP, which I guess is standard.


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          I think we are overlooking a few important pieces of the puzzle here.

          Firstly, we are cold 4betting here which looks quite strong. I think this is going to narrow the villain's 5b range. He has postion on us and could have flatted, but rather chose to 5b ai. This looks rather polarizing, but against action thus far, his range imo is going to be top heavy consisting of overpairs or overcards at best.

          Secondly, with so much history, what does the villain know about you? What is your perceived 4b range?

          Finally, calling the 3b oop with the CO yet to act is creating a difficult situation. Does the btn have any exploitable postflop tendancies? I think we should seriously consider folding to the 3b.

          I'll leave this thread open. Hopefully, Gareth or Felix will chime in


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            I like 4-betting for value and isolation in that spot pre, as flatting from the SB will leave us in highly awkward postflop spots and offers the opener to come in for a discount with massive implied odds.

            I'm not sure if 50NL regs will be capable of identifying this as a spot where you can have a bluffing range too so I might be hesitant to believe they jam worse than QQ+,AK here. That would leave us with folding as a decent option. I would call it off if I had some sort of good sense for how villain plays preflop^^
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