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Please review this hand

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  • Please review this hand

    played on a open school league. this is just a bad luck am i right ?

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    That was an ok hand to go in early stage of the Open League. But as many other player, we are only playing AA KK AKs on those very early stage (You are not even in the point mark!!) The first raise was very good. After, the C-Bet seems perfect to me, (For the size, i'm not sure, but what do you mean to do here? Value-Bet? Protect your hand?) As you probably read on the course, best pair top kicker is Very strong hands but not a monster. After the Vilain re-raise, you should ask yourself what could beat you. And here is your mistake in my opinion. So it's a draw heavy board. You should be worry someone having , or even a best pair If you keep in mind that those league are made for reaching as far as you can, those this really is enough stronger to put your chip in the middle, I don't think so! Cheers, Spy474


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      Of course this was unlucky. You had a very strong hand in late position, made a standard raise and hit the flop with top pair. How were you to know your opponent had AA here? You were just unlucky to run into a stronger hand in this spot. It's good that you are using the Open League games to learn the game and post questions about hands played. That is one of the primary reasons the leagues were set up in the first place, so players can learn without investing their bankroll. Raiser umbup:

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        Not badluck. if you had won against the AA then you would have been lucky, but you did have more outs than him. He disguised his hand preflop by not raising so he slow played you and ended up getting the most value he could - so kudos to your opponent for trapping you as such. Though if he went all in would you have called? the way you played the hand suggests that preflop you had the intention of seeing the river. Even if he didn't have AA he could of had two pair, because it is freeroll and a deep tournament, people can play and will play a wide range of hands, so its strongly suggested only committing when you have them crushed.


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          spy 646 i thought he is just bulling me with nothing according to his bigger stack than mine


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            Yes, your quite right here. Some bad luck like this occurs!
            One good thing of this hand, is your starting card! They are prettier than the other post you made! Don't give up, poker is a long way to victory! (As I just start to be profitable after 1-2 month at +/- 1-2$ profit)

            Yes the opponent played well is AA here. But as mentioned earlier, he play this hand pretty well IMO, it's easy to know what the opponent have when we see the card at the hand, but like dduvshani said, the opponent could easily try to bully him.. Good play i think, could be better, of course. But he played it well, raising & c-bet


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              Unlucky man :/ I probably would've done the same thing. Hi pair, with a hi kicker against possible bully...



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