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Please review this hand

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  • Please review this hand

    played on a open scool league . did i needed to c - bet here ?

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    is a trouble hand. With 23 Big Blinds here I wouldn't mind a shove pre-flop. I wouldn't mind a fold either but the one thing I wouldn't do in this spot is limp preflop. Why? When we limp we are not gaining any information about the strength of our opponents hand When we limp we are not showing aggression and taking initiative in the hand We could catch a 'piece' of the flop which could leave us chasing a hand where we are behind post-flop and will become pot committed. Raise or Fold these spots preflop To answer your question about should you have c-bet - No Why? We didn't hit anything on the flop, our hand has not improved and in the Open League freerolls players rarely fold to a bluff. Plus, there are so many hand combos out there that beat us. Raiser umbup:


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      Hi dduvshani! In this hand as played, you can't c-bet... you didn't raise preflop, so you can continue an action that never happened. When playing poker, when I'm the first one to enter a pot, I either need to make a standard raise or to fold. I do not want to open-limp. This is a very large leak of chips that many newer players do.... and I want to avoid. With AJ, if I'm going to play the hand, I'm going to make a standard raise, which for this blind level is to 2.5BB+1BB for each limper (4k). If I raised preflop, then I would make a standard c-bet on the flop here and with 2 opps, I would need to bet 2/3 pot. My plan for the rest of the hand is that if I'm raised, I'll fold. If I'm called, I'm not putting another chip into the pot unless the turn is an A or J. Hope this helps and good luck at the tables.umbup: John (JWK24)

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