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2NL Zoom 6max - few hands I would like a review please

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  • 2NL Zoom 6max - few hands I would like a review please

    Hi, i would like to hear your opinion on this 3 hands i had trouble with. Hand #1: villain is unknown. min raise from SB I will always call with ATC. Flop is nice as it gives me OESD. Question: Should i bet there? Turn is even better. Q: Should I reraise there? And then the crazy overbet on the river, can i ever fold my straight there? My hand is strong but its not the strongest, and I know that I would make that bet like villain only if I know I never lose. Hand #2: villain is also unknown. You can see his line, should i fold on this flop or call? Hand #3: only 8 hands on villain 50/38/2.0 similar like the first, on turn I have a TPWK and nuts FD but that overbet?! should i make the call there and hope for the best or just let it go and wait for a better spot? Thanks!

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    Hand 1 I am calling, he can do that with sets and two pair, as well as 65s/65o. Ranges are wide so he can have a lot of non-nut hands. And its 2NL so we can factor in spew.

    Hand 2, I think our hand is too strong to fold here, I have seen hands like AJ/KJ/QJ take the same line. Snap call without being totally thrilled with it.

    Hand 3, I fold turn, we do have top pair and the NFD but the overbet and how deep we are makes it unattractive to me. I dont think we get paid often enough on a heart river given that he seems to be trying to push us off a flush.


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      Hand 1: I would have raised OTT but as played : call.
      "56" would be the last hand that would shove here. 2 pairs / sets / A-highs /busted FD's are much more likely.
      You have second nuts so yeah, happy calling

      Hand 2: 3Bet bigger because you are OOP. OTF I'm never folding his all-in. If villain1 also calls or shoves I would fold but he doesnt so call and hope to see AJ or AT

      Hand 3: very wierd line of villain. My first reaction is: call but after thinking about it, how often do you hit your flush... and I'm pretty sure he has you beat without a flush.
      You have invested so little so why fight for it in such a high variance spot. Just lay it down with a big sigh. "oke bully, you win. Next time I'll take your stack"


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        Hand 1
        A think applying a "I will call with any 2 cards" is bad. Its exploitable. In this spot I would be flat calling with the upper part of my range i.e AK AQ AJ and re-raising with some suited connectors.

        The reason for this is that when I'm holding AK,AQ etc I am likely miles ahead and be re-raising I am forcing him to fold out the weaker part of his range. As a steal he could be raising really wide here and I want to keep all his marginal hands in play and aim to outplay him post flop.

        With suited connectors and other weaker hands im happy to 3bet as a semi bluff. If the villain is stealing he is going to fold a large portion of the time. In the instances that he doesn't fold and we see the flop my post flop decisions become straight forward. Im either beat or I have hit the flop hard in a way that wont be obvious.

        As played I would take the free card on the flop. On the turn I would re raise. The bet here smacks of I hit my ace. On the river im likely calling a high proportion of the time. The only hand that beats you is 5 6 combos. In which case he made the hand on the flop and checked it back. The five in your hand also acts as a blocker to those combos making even more unlikely. In the absence of any information that indicates he would slow play a monster like that on the flop I have to assume he is shoving with Aces and a high kicker, which isn't uncommon. Similarly pairs don't make much sense as I can't see the slowplay on the flop. Unless its 88? Its not uncommon to see an over bet for value but not on such a scale.

        The villain is either shoving as a bluff or shoving as player who doesn't understand the concept of value. If he does have the nuts on this board then he doesn't understand that there are so few hands that you can have that would be able to call that he is killing his value by shoving.

        That took longer than I thought so I'll look at the others later as I have to run out.


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          Hand 2.
          Out of position your 3bet should be 3.5x ish. 2.5x just isn't big enough.

          I also agree that a lot of players will think they are good here with AJ, A10. J's 10's & 7's certainly form part of the villains range but I just don't think the he will be showing up with those hands often enough for you not to call.

          Hand 3
          Unlike the first hand I wouldn't be so keen to defend my blind as i'm going to be out of position for the remainder of the hand. The flop is good for you with a nut flush draw and lets be honest its probably missed the villians range. With only 8 hands on him his PFR stat is irrelevant. Given he checked the flop im fairly certain you are looking at AK/AQ/AJ. I would fold the turn.


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            Thanks guys! Here are the full hands and one from last night similar to first one. Hand #1 full i was afraid of 56, but i was expecting at least a set, on my surprise he only had a pair and not even the top one Hand #2 full i was so annoyed with this, i have the feeling that this type of (I don't want to be mean but I will say idiots) way to many times get rewarded on river. He called 3bet with 57o vs 2 players and then shove on flop with bottom pair and weak kicker.. what can you say, i expected at least a T and a draw.. Hand #3 - I folded turn - I agree it was good decision Bonus hand from last night similar to the #1 - I'm not sure is this supposed to be easy call, but i'm never comfortable with calling here, probably due to the fact that i would do what villain did only with nuts but can you really fold there? And villain stats loose passive 36/2/1.2 from 96 hands didn't help either. Anyway I saw a lot of crazy play last night and decided to call.


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              On the bonus hand: yeah, I would be calling too, but not with a smile on my face...

              Always hard those "almost" nut hands...



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