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Just can't beat 5nl!

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  • Just can't beat 5nl!

    Hi guys,

    I just can't do it



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    Have you looked at how your playing in big pots where you lost or decided to bluff? What about looking at 3b pots removing your value range in the hole cards section and see if your spewing money 3betting light.

    Maybe your cbetting to much or barreling to much i would find some hands and post them up.


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      I'm not sure what we're looking at here.... the graph looks positive, and the win rate about +2bb/100 if I'm seeing it right... so while that's by no means crushing the stake or even assured you're a long term winning player at it given the sample size, saying you just can't beat it seems a bit harsh of a conclusion.

      A good review of your play should help, have you done that yet? Are there any obvious areas you know you struggle in (like Mike said)? Start there. Use the stat tracking tool to look for spots you're losing money in at a fair clip, and start your focus shoring up any leaks in those areas, is what I'd recommend.
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        Hi guys,

        Cheers for taking the time to post. The win rate is about 2 bb/100.

        Well I have reviewed my plays, but I just can't seem to find leaks (although there is bound to be some there). I
        Guess I don't really know what I am looking for to be honest.

        I have reviewed my hands and it tends to be a mix. Some bad play, unlucky hands, and the ones that I win.

        For instance, one particular hand the other day I was holding AsKs in SB and I 3bet against an MP1 raise. MP1 calls my raise IP, on the flop I make the nut flush. I bet, he raises, we go all-in. He's holding 66. The turn brings a 6, the river brings a 10 pairing the I lose.

        I am going to have to do a good review like you said, and I will post here. I just don't know at the moment.




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          all good advice so far my suggestion would send a trainer 1 of your sessions for live training and it will ceretainly worked for me!!!


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            Is this regular tables or zoom pullin?
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              Hi paddy,

              This is zoom poker full ring.




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                full ring!? sorry can't give you any help.

                I did play a bunch of hands at 5nl 6max zoom recently, abc is the only way to play there. Generally folding to raises from passive players and not running any expensive bluffs against stations!
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                  I can give you guys an insight to my game.

                  The only bluffing that I do is the cbet bluff, when the board hits my perceived range, and not villains, I look at their fold to a cbet stat and if it's like 70%, I cbet as it will be profitable to do so. If missed the board, villain calls my cbet I give up (pretty much fit or fold which I thought would be best at these stakes).

                  One thing that I have been doing recently is X/C (as the preflop raiser) and C villains cbet when I have second pair or Top pair weakish kicker (because I don't think I could be called by worse). For instance, MP1 raises and I call with TT on the BTN. Flop comes up Q52 rainbow. Villain continuation bets (I very rarely see villains not make a continuation) and I call. The turn brings a blank card, and villain barrels (I will give up), if villain checks (I sometimes bet hoping to take it down there and then, or I might check it down depending on the situation).

                  My general stats seem ok

                  like (rough figures): VPIP 13%ish PFR 10%ish cbet% 60%ish cbet success 48%ish 3bet 3.5%ish WTSD% 25%ish
                  $WSTD 55%ish W$WSF 40%ish Sb steal success 70%ish BTN steal success 60%ish CO steal success 55%ish

                  I will post some stats, and if anyone sees anything out of the ordinary then if you could flag that up that would be great.




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                    This is my first part of self analysis. If any of you guys notice anything in these graphs that could be leading to this sort of breakeven stretch, type, thing, that I am having (as shown in the graph above) then please comment.

                    Ok here goes...

                    Went to showdown graph (all positions)

                    Well here, I believe I am doing pretty well - it goes up!. As you can see by the last lot of hands, it is starting to even out. Recently I am been X/C flops with second pair, trying to see a cheap showdown. If I fold earlier, then the loss will contribute to my non-showdown redline.

                    Non-showdown graph (UTG to BTN)

                    This is where I believe it starts to get interesting. In particular, at around the 20,000 hand mark. Here we can see that I start to lose money and breakeven, I believe this is possibly the area whats causing my overall graph to look the way it does.

                    Non-showdown SB & BB

                    Here my winnings in SB & BB have pretty much stayed the same - the negative gradient from start to finish. Although there maybe areas in SB & BB (all areas for that matter) to help with this negative gradient, to me it would still appear from the graphs that I have posted above that the issues appear to lie in the non-showdown UTG - BTN seats.

                    Going forward would be to review hands that appear in these areas - non showdown in UTG to BTN.

                    If you guys see anything were untoward then please comment.

                    what's striking is the following:

                    Showdown winnings = blind loses

                    My profit appears to come from my non-showdown winnings seats UTG to BTN

                    Can any of you guys check your showdown, nonshowdown UTG to BTN, and nonshowdown blinds and see if you have the same.

                    That's all that I will write for now.


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                      Mine is exactly the same my red line goes up if im the aggressor and so does my green line, when i cold call my red line is up and down making money just about and when i get to the river im making money with my green line as the pre flop caller as well.

                      My red line in the blinds is a steep fall which it should because you fold your blinds pre alot, as long as you are not losing more money in the blinds than you would if you had folded your fine im sure there's better spots to focus on.

                      Have a look at 3b pots and remove your value range.


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                        GL Pullin! umbup:


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                          Originally posted by mike2198 View Post
                          remove your value range.
                          What is this?


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                            Hey crazYJohnnie,

                            Mike means looking at 3bet pots that doesn't include AA, KK, etc. I will do this and post here.




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                              Originally posted by CrazYJohnnie View Post
                              What is this?
                              The hands you 3b for value, it would be pretty pointless to see if your light 3b is profitable leaving AA in there wouldn't it.

                              I just remove AA KK QQ for some positions then il look at other positions and remove AK JJ TT AQ KQ, i sometimes 3b AJ as well but i don't bother removing it because i don't 3b it that much.

                              Then your see if your losing money with all your trash hands.



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