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  • Feedback on hand

    This is a hand I played from NL2 zoom. I had Kings in a 4-bet pot. I put him on pocket pair/ AK/AQ type of hand. In hindsight checking back river would've saved me a lot more money(depends on his bet). Any thoughts on how I played? umbup:

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    Watching the hand again. Seems like wrong bet-sizing on river....half the pot, then fold to a re-raise is much better....


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      I think the hand was played just the way it should've been. Even though the opponent got the whole stack on the river with his nut flush, it will never be profitable for him. Besides that, he could also have done it with any overpair (66-JJ and maybe QQ, that shove on the river doens't mean much), so we shouldn't be results oriented. In case he had an overpair, it was profitable for you; in case the opp hit a backdoor flush, it wasn't profitable for him either. This is true only because you managed to play your hand agressively knowing that it was crushing the opp's range. So, if he shows a flush, a full house or even quads, it doens't matter, since by looking at his whole calling range, we can see that you will be ahead of it, so nothing to be mad about.
      Good luck at the tables.
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        Yeah, on the river put him in for his stack.




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          Preflop, I would 4bet bigger to 30-35 cents maybe even 40 because OOP and because his rediculios min-3bet. KK is a hand I have no problem playing for stacks with.

          Postflop, well played but put him in OTR.

          If you 4bet bigger, the pot would be bigger and you might be able to shove OTT against his stacksize. But than again, if he calls you like this with A-high, he might call a shove OTT too...



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