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10 NL FR zoom,general flush darw question

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  • 10 NL FR zoom,general flush darw question

    i having serious problems with draws lately,especially flush draws.just wondering what would your default play be here ? i generally play them aggressively but it hasn't been working out good at all lately

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    I'm thinking it's a call, $1.88 into $4.73 gives better than 2 : 1 odds needed for the flush draw, with two cards to come.


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      and give up on a brick turn?what about raising here instead of calling?


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        Originally posted by kingreigns View Post
        and give up on a brick turn?what about raising here instead of calling?
        I messed up. It wasn't all-in need 4 : 1 for one card but there are some implied odds.

        Raising inflates the pot sort of value owning yourself. The villain's check / raise seems very strong so quite an interesting hand.


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          cool,ive been value owning myself a bit lately so been playing these way too aggro and not hitting at all.changed it up from just calling because i was finding when i hit my draw i wasn't get paid.draws wreck my tits


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              In this spot, the villain's action of X raising two opponents is VERY strong. Depending on the player type they could have a SET, 2PAIR or a combo draw.. (T9 of hearts). Having said that, I would call this flop XR. We are drawing to the nuts and we have position. After we call this bet there will be $6.61 in the pot minus the rake. Stacks will be $9.56 effectively after we call. We can re-evaluate OTT if we miss. And by chance that this villain is spazzing out with T9 of hearts they might check the turn which gives us a free river card.

              The problem with raising this opponent after they check raise OTF is that THEY'RE NOT FOLDING and we are behind.


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                cool wont be going so mentally aggro so
                Last edited by kingreigns; Sat May 31, 2014, 03:55 PM.


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                  Hi king,

                  Yeah, I agree with these guys. The action looks pretty strong, but we have proper implied odds to try and turn the nuts as we are getting paid by 88/77/Th9h and the like when we get there. If he bombs turn we may have to fold, but we can cross that bridge when we get there. It's no guarantee he'll even bomb the turn on blanks.
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