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Check raising gutshot

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  • Check raising gutshot

    Hi guys here is one interesting hand overall was profitable in this situation i don't know if will be good for long run can you tell me what you think do i did the correct thing. Here is what i was thinking at the moment: I open UTG+1 whit the intention of steal the blinds the table was playing tight and allot of liming my VPp was 20% so i was expecting the players to give me credit so i decide to drop one steal. I was planing if i get raised to fold and if i get called to see what board texture i hit on the flop and get decision from there. So im not sure if it was good to check raise here or to raise call. Any suggestion or critic is welcome.

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    Fold pre, there's no antes, your hand is bad and you're in a bad position, there's no antes and the blinds don't mean much for your stack.

    If I do somehow open this and see this flop I'm continuation betting because it's a board that hits my range as the preflop aggressor more than it does the preflop caller, as I'm cbetting my air hands I want to be cbetting my value hands on this flop aswell, and if I'm cbetting my value hands I want to be cbetting my semi-bluffs. Whether I fire multiple barrels depends on my read on villain.

    If for some reason this is a board you ever check to give up, I would like seeing you check/raising value hands and semibluffs like this some of the time too. But I think this is too good of a board for us to ever check to give up on the flop with anything we open.


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      Originally posted by Quaquaversal View Post
      Fold pre
      +1umbup: 37s is a junk hand, so muck it preflop. John (JWK24)

      6 Time Bracelet Winner


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        Thanks for your comments guys umbup: i think i will agree whit you is junk hand and i know it but is good point that i don't need to be stealing blinds without antes... Quaquaversal yes im doing from time to time this whit top pair and good kicker on the flop check raise and bet the turn only when the board is dry. On this board i considered dry also because whit my raise i was not expecting nobody whit small drawing hands to call me and i was trying to represent the A whit good kicker by check raising as a bluff.



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