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5nl FR Zoom - 88

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  • 5nl FR Zoom - 88

    Hi guys, could you please analyse my hand below. Again, as with my previous post (5nl FR Zoom - TT) here I am playing a middle pair. Stats on villain: 10/8/4.3 432 hands Cbet is 29% (14 hands which isn't enough really), so when this guy checks likely that he doesn't have a hand, or a weak type hand. His aggression factor indicates that he is aggression, which can be understandable since he is a nit; However, on this occassion he plays passively. Again do I have showdown value here, or does 88 have very little showdown value. Is this how I should play the hand? If villain Cbets, should I X/C? Cheers, Matt

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    I think you played it well.


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      Played it fine. Without a read that villain bluffs, the river would be a check-fold, probably even if it's a total blank. If he c-bets the flop you should call, but this hand is close to the bottom of your made hand calling range. With 88-66/44 with a diamond, you could check-raise "bluff", provided you also bluff with combo wheel draws like , weak flush draws that connect with the 5 (e.g. ), and also check-raise for value with sets. Your check-calling range should mostly consist of one pair hands, but you could also float with decent flush draws, and any two overs with a diamond (e.g. and ). Anything with no pair or decent backdoor equity is just a check-fold on the flop.
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        Cheers guys,

        If villain was on CO or BTN, would it still be wise to play mid/low pocket pairs with the following assumptions:

        - Villain steals wide, so likely to miss
        - When I do hit my set, will unlikely to be paid off (since most of the time, I won't have the implied odds)
        - When I don't make a set, will very likely face overcards a high percentage of the time
        - Hero is OOP

        above are some of the reasons not to play low/mid pocket pairs when sitting in the SB against a CO/BTN steal.

        Are there any reasons to play mid/low pocket pairs when in the situation above (not including multiway pots, etc)?

        Does not playing dominated hands still hold?

        Since if you face a raise from UTG+1, UTG+2 and villain has a tight range, if hero calls with KJo on the CO, the pot is heads-up, the flop comes up JT2, you could potentially Call villain's cbet and evaluate the turn, however I guess it is more likely that he will have something, and so will likely barrel the turn, where hero would have to more than likely fold. So in situations like this, you will be facing a barrel more often?





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