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5NL FR Zoom - TT

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  • 5NL FR Zoom - TT

    Hi guys, Could you please analyse my hand below. This post is particularly about playing middle pair type hands where you want to keep the pot small where you may have some showdown value. Stats on villain 9/6/1.2 121 hands his cold calling range over 33 hands is 9% Preflop: Standard Flop: Here I decided to X/C as I do have some showdown value, I am OOP and likely won't be called by worse and controlling the pot. However, villain's aggression factor is 1.2 and so here I think it is likely that he will X - something that I did not consider on the flop. Should I have cbet this flop? Turn: Villain bets again, here should I fold? Again something that I did not consider was his agggression factor, and so it looks to me, he may have a set. As the aggression factor indicates that he rarely bluffs. River: Villain bet small, but I X/F because for a start villain is a nit, aggression factor was low, and felt like I am liekly behind now What do you guys think? I am trying to learn to play these hands, but can't help feel that these situations are just spew. Cheers, Matt

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    I like folding turn.

    I think calling turn to fold to that river sizing is a bit of a mistake.


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      Against this guy in particular, I check-fold the turn.
      Villains at these stakes rarely barrel two streets with draws or underpairs once you've called the flop, which means you can make exploitative folds of anything less than TP or a draw when they do decide to fire a second bullet.

      So the plan is simple. Check-call the flop to let villain bet with his entire range (at least half of which you beat), but check-fold if he bets the turn, because now it's unlikely he has worse than top pair.
      If he checks back the turn, you can put out a blocking bet on blank rivers, or check-fold if the flush comes in.

      FWIW, I fold JJ on the turn too, just as I would fold KK on Axxx to a 2nd bet.
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