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Please review this hand

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  • Please review this hand

    as u can see i defended my bigblind with k-j o. After 3 rounds of non betting i was wondering shloud i bluff the river ? in the end i decided not to and the player on the button bets half of the pot and won it. so its actually 2 questions. should i be the one who makes the bluff first on the river ? and after i decided not to concidering there are already two aces on the board should i make the call with king high after the villian on the button bets half of the pot?

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    **I'm really not a Pro, i'm just giving my opinion, if I'm wrong, i'm sure someone else will correct me**

    First of all, do you have any information on your opponents? Are they playing loose, etc?

    Second, I play in 2NL too and the bluff rarely makes me richer. The point is, KJo is a loose call after 2 raises in my opinion. And I think you made the best move to Fold with King High.

    There is a lot of loose player on those game. You could easily be facing someone with a pair of 9-6 or even 5. Maybe the Vilain had a low pair too, like 4-4.

    So, in my opinion, you made the right move, but i don't think i would call that raise

    Correct me if i'm wrong!



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      Hey all!

      When playing 2NL, bluffing (without a specific read that the opp actually has a fold button) is not something that I want to do. There are too many opponents that will be calling stations and will never fold even a 1 pair hand. What I want to do in these games is to play a bit tighter and to value bet the opps to death when I get a made hand. With a made hand, I'll bet over and over and since the opps won't fold, I'll continually get paid off.

      Preflop, since I'm out of position with a marginal hand, facing both a raise and a call.. I'm mucking this preflop and looking for either a better hand or one where I'm IN position.

      John (JWK24)

      6 Time Bracelet Winner



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