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SB vs BB big cooler

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  • SB vs BB big cooler

    Hi guys this is my first post in this forum i had very interesting hand yesterday on live tournament and i want to understand if i made the correct decision. Any critic or suggestion is welcome.

    Ok so i was SB and every body have fold to me. In the BB was marginal player i have seen hem to bluff here and there and play aggressively.

    I had Ks4d i raised 2 times the big blind to steal and he called. The flop is 9h Kd Qs. I check and he bets pot size then i call. The turn is 4s. And at this time i was putting hem on Kx or Qx i bet half the pot as i think i turn the nuts whit two pair. And he shoves for 5 times the pot. At this moment i put hem on AK or AQ and i decide to snap call hem. And i was the player all in whit 10k less than hem. I show my two pair and he show better two pair whit KQ.

    The river is 2d and im out do i make the mistake of betting on the turn or i make the write move and just get unlucky. Thank you for your comments in advance...
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    Hi Ready2SmashU! When I'm playing BvB, I'm going to make a standard raise (could be 2.2, 2.5 or 3BB.. depending on the size of the blinds). When I get called and flop top pair, I need to make a standard value bet on the flop. Postflop bets need to be sized based on the size of the pot, number of opps and board texture. With one opp, I'll make a standard bet of 1/2 pot. My plan for the rest of the hand is that if my flop bet is raised, it's an easy fold for me. If I'm called, I'm not putting another chips into the pot unless my hand dramatically improves (2 pair on a very wet board is not anywhere near a nut hand, so I do not want to be going all-in. Hope this helps and good luck at the tables.umbup: John (JWK24)

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      Hi JWK24,

      Thank you very much for your reply make allot of sense my initial plan pre flop was to bet fold. And i paid for not sticking to the plan.


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        Limp or raise bigger pre, by minraising and giving him amazing pot odds in position he should virtually never be folding here, you're not narrowing his range down much at all and will rarely get a steal through, just bloating the pot OOP, virtually lighting your chips on fire.

        On the flop I'm fine with the check as we are in a tough spot when we get raised due to our bad kicker and might want to try for potcontrol, but if this is a board you like to cbet with your air hands frequently I think it's a good idea to bet our weak top pair aswell because our range is just extremely weak if we're only betting good kings or better and air, as its bvb and realistically we won't have good kings or better that often. tx and jx do have gutshots and we might want to protect from that aswell.

        We turn our nut card, but it makes the board slightly more wet adding a possible backdoor flush draw.. You said he checked, but you should be first to act so I assume you donkbet the turn? We might check/call flop and donk turn a lot of the time with hands weaker than what we have once he pots the flop, as we want to see the showdown cheaply so we want to decide our own price, I like that you balance that range by doing that with some of our better hands too. He overjams our donkbet.. Why do you put him on AK or AQ here? I think most players would 3bet those hands pre bvb the vast majority of the time and I see no reason why he'd turn second pair ( AQ ) into a bluff here ever.
        Our range doesn't look incredibly strong here and donking the turn to take over the betting lead might induce some players to spaz out.. We rarely have a hand strong enough to call here so I think the overjam is so much more likely a semibluff ( JsXs, TsXs, QsXs mostly. ) rather than a monster hand so I probably snap it off myself.

        He played it strangely and I think he caught you with the only hand that takes this line that actually calls and doesn't already have him beat.

        UL you got coolered, I think you played your hand well even if I don't completely agree with your reasoning and I really don't like the way villain played his.

        @JWK why do you assume when he jams for that much over our bet that it's for value? Our line seems incredibly potcontrolly and he shouldn't expect us to have too many hands that can call, I would expect him to have a semibluff here the majority of the time.
        Last edited by Quaquaversal; Tue May 27, 2014, 12:22 AM.


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          Hi Quaquaversal,

          Thank you for your comments its really helpful...

          My mistake yes i was out of position and i donkbet the turn.

          I put him on AQ or AK because several hands before this one he called min raise in late position whit AQ from UTG player. And because of this shove i was thinking he is putting me on straight draw and want to protect the hand. ( do you think if i was to bet bigger on the turn may make hem to believe i have KK or QQ or already have straight because of the line i take on the flop and make hem play more slow instead of making hem think i have straight draw and jam on me ? )

          And i think you are correct i think he spaz out because after i call the shove and before i show my cards he ask me do i have KK or QQ and he was having fear in the eyes. ( by the way my image on the table was supper strong i was winning every show down until this one and i was playing only premium hands ).
          Last edited by Ready2SmashU; Tue May 27, 2014, 11:55 AM.



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