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NL 25 Zoom: Top Pair Medium Kicker vs aggressive villain in 3 bet pot

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  • NL 25 Zoom: Top Pair Medium Kicker vs aggressive villain in 3 bet pot

    Hi, dont have many hands on the villain but he seems really loose aggressive so far. Even though I made Top Pair here, I think there are at most two streets of value here given my kicker. So I went for the check call to not get blown off my hand (Spoiler: Did not work to well). Wasnt sure when to let go off my hand, or if I should hold on. Problem here is that villains can put so much pressure on my Flop Check/Call range that there is nothing left of it to call his river shove and a very aggressive villain might exploit that. He doesnt even need to know my tendencies for that since its a pretty standard tendency at least at theese stakes to not have very strong hands in the X/C ranges as PFR. His river sizing made his line even more suspicious, since it would be a pretty big bet if he had a value hand on the flop and turn like AQ, of course his club draws would probably be played this way. Greetings almigthybald

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    I'd be calling a lot of rivers but that isn't one of them.


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      Hi almightybald

      Some stats on villain might help us decide better here. The thing is, you mention that the villain is an aggressive opponent and by checking the flop we gave away initiative and with our hand strength and him having position on us this just won't work in our favor too well. The point is, our hand has SD value but it does not stand 3 streets of aggression. Clearly, when you decided to check/call the flop it's because you know that our hand is not a hand to commit with and you do say that at most its a two street of value. So I would stick to that we are facing 3 bets now so we ought to fold. Because we have an aggressive opponent who has position on us, I think that it might be better to bet flop, x/c turn , x/f river. The reason I say that is because by taking a bet, x/c line it would make it less likely that villain would try to bluff us OTR.


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        Any thoughts on the 3b pre?


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          I'd prefer flatting because BB is likely a fish.



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