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5NL hold 22 flop bottom set turn full-house - get in for stacks?

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  • 5NL hold 22 flop bottom set turn full-house - get in for stacks?

    This hand was played at a short-handed 6-max table. Very short handed as we were down to two so it becomes a heads-up game. I am out of position so call the button raise preflop with 22 and the board comes AJ2 rainbow - a great spot to get my set paid if opponent has an ace or even a jack. I lead out for half-pot and opponent just calls. A second jack comes on the turn and I lead again for 2/3 pot. Opponent raises and we end up getting it all-in. I was the effective stack and am about 116 big blinds deep starting the hand. So should I have controlled the pot more and seen the river card before deciding to get all-in?
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    heck no Heads up and you turn a FH get that sucker in there Ed.

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      Heya Ed...

      HU he might be raising on a wide variety, so a flat with 22 is fine.

      When you flop the set, whatever line you deem proper to get 'em in is what you should choose; if he out flopped you so be it.

      OTT, when you boat same goes...get 'em in if you can.

      The truth here Ed is in order to make mucking an under boat a good idea in a HU match, you need to have a LOT of info. Sure, the SPR to start the hand was muy deep (around 17), but you had a very nice hand indeed. You really cannot seek to wait for the river in case the villain has (only) a big A or just a J because cards could come which make him reluctant to stack off.

      If he wakes up with quads or an over boat (or Heaven's forbid he rivers a better boat) just say "good hand" and reload...

      hope it helps.

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        Firstly flatting with 22 oop is pretty bad hu... vs an EP raise its fine as they have a stronger range so you have implied odds to set mine but he will be raising so wide and with 22 you wont really know where you are at and cant withstand much heat. I would 3b and be happy if he folds, evaluate the flop and determine if a cbet is merited.

        AS played, I would go for a check-raise. He has the initiative and by checking you let him bet his bluffs whereas if you lead you fold these and miss out on value. Also, you build a bigger pot against the hands that will pay you off. I would just shove to his raise on the turn and expect a lot of JX and some overplayed aces. If he has you beat, cooler for sure.



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